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I live in Hollywood California, and when I found out the news about Heath Ledger I couldn’t help but think and pray into the industry trying to get some perspective. From a Kingdom of God perspective, I just felt like we lost one of ours. I mourned and felt like this blazing light of an amazing young man was quenched.


The bottom line is that Christians have a huge opportunity to learn how to love well in a land like Hollywood and in the entertainment industry. I don’t know what condition Heath was in within his heart or what frame of mind he was in that night, but I can’t help but feel if the church would love well, a man like Heath would have a chance to experience life that is truly a life worth living.



I don’t mean religious affections or churchy evangelism. I mean those who are like Daniels living in the real world spending real time with people presenting God by occupying positions of influence that the world takes notice of and wants to listen to. I believe God is raising people up right now to occupy those places of influence but they won’t see the destiny as having a career in the entertainment industry. They will see the destiny as loving a man like Heath Ledger in true friendship. They will have a heart attitude that asks a new question. The question won’t be “Will I be empowered in this industry?” The true question will be when they see someone like Heath after God’s heart and ask “How can God resist the ones He loves?”



In other words our definition of destiny in Hollywood has some errors in it. The destiny is not to become famous, influential, rich, get the next big gig, work on the biggest blockbuster or score the best music track. All of those things are just the provision that God wants to release for the real destiny which is this: To make His love known to the people who abide in what we call the entertainment industry. That means if He gives you fame it’s the provision to love in a greater realm of influence. If He gives you money it’s so you can build bridges to love well, etc. It is good to pray for influence and to be released in great authority if you have the goals set of what the true calling is.



I am not worried about the people who put their identity as Christians in the role instead of the destiny being to love the people. Its part of immaturity of human nature, but right now I can tell you this: a whole lot of people are getting hit by God’s heart and are maturing all through the world and seeing this mountain called the entertainment industry and can’t help but see it through His eyes. When I see Christians in Hollywood I don’t just see what intercessors have typically called “The Hollywood spirit” which is selfish ambition and narcissism. I see with eyes of the one who loves.



God has been raising people up for years to minister in the entertainment industry but what if there was something different about this season? What if it was a season of activating what Christians have been sowing in prayer for decades? I believe there is a great shift happening in 2008. Instead of looking at the shakings of Hollywood can you see past them to see that everything that can be shaken is shaken for a good reason? The substance of the reality of God is going to dwell in Hollywood and that the Holy Spirit will be the Hollywood Spirit that is celebrated.


I feel like Isaiah in Isaiah 6 when he saw the throne of God and heard the voice that said “Who will go….” its like there is a quality of what God was looking for those who are willing to love and adopt this industry as part of their mission to love.



So here is what I challenge for those of you who feel called to this mountain called the entertainment industry: When Heath Ledger died did you feel the loss because your heart isn’t just engaged with your craft but with the people who are also in the industry?


Do you find yourself complaining about Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson or have you adopted them in your heart to love them and pray into their lives. I have heard many friends just complain about them and talk about their craziness, but are you concerned for them? When you talk about them is your speech influenced by popular culture or Kingdom culture?


Do you cry out for them? Are they your sister or your friend in your heart? Jesus was friend to sinners, he couldn’t separate people from himself… each of these people were the joy set before Him that caused Him to go to the cross. I know if Jesus was on the earth today He would be seen with some of these people, and it would be misunderstood by the religious community, but He would love well. Jesus never had the pressure to save people because He was salvation. In other words, He just was the full representation of Heaven, and people couldn’t help but feel at home around Him. He didn’t have strange tactics of conversation and tracts, He just was so authentic and organic to the Kingdom of Heaven that people responded to this truth. Do people feel at home and safe around you?



You have an invitation from God too, to help people around you (in whatever industry) feel as though they have touched the Kingdom of God. When you aware of His heart in yourself, you can’t help but to project this as love to people around you and they feel the goodness of His nature in themselves. As a matter of fact, if you love well, you will bring out the best version of the person that you love. That is what will be powerful in the days ahead, when its not drugs, partying, alcohol, or projects that bring out the best in these people, but it is those who have been placed all around them  to love them into their Kingdom self.




I see Britney as a product of the evilness that happens in humanity when everybody pulls and prostitutes gifting and no longer has any real relationship or truth in their boundaries for her. Brittney Spears only resolution will be a radical encounter with His love like the woman at the well in John 4:

Here was this woman who was a Samaritan which was a race that the Jews treated like dogs. She was also an adulterer, and she was also a woman on top of all of that. Then Jesus came into what would be an inappropriate situation for any other Jewish man, but He sat with her and chose to show her love. He didn’t just preach to her, He was a friend at the well. He caused her to feel like she was the best version of herself as she sat with Jesus giving Him water. I think she probably felt like her eternal self, the self that she was made to be in those moments and something inside of her responded to everything he said. Here is the question, will you sit at the well with someone who is considered inappropriate Christian society and love well?


When enough of us love well then there can be a break through and someone will get the audience of friendship with her that it will take to bring a real life back to her.


Love well my friends


Peace out


Shawn Bolz 



We are at ignite2008 here in Maine. Its a great group and we are discovering creative arts and how God is going to use creativity to ignite revival. I am only here for two days then off to Vegas where I am ministering. My slogan for Vegas is “What happens in Vegas is going to go everywhere in the world!” because God is moving there.

I joined a new site called and you send pictures from your cell phone with a description of what you are doing and then people comment. I can’t believe how many people in Redding at Bethel have it. Brian and Jen Johnson got me addicted.

I will write more and real later.