Men On Whom Favor Rests

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Revelation

   by Shawn Bolz
Featured in ElijahRain Magazine



Exodus 34:9: “O Adonai, if I have found favor in Your eyes,” he said, “then let the Lord (Adonai, the Angel of Covenant, the Messiah) go with us. Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance.

The word “favor” comes from the same word in Hebrew as the word grace. Its root is “Chen” which means to be well favored, blessed, graced, and distinguished.

God is again finding people who He can release His chen (favor) upon.

In Exodus 34:9 Moses is specifically talking to Adonai not Jehovah, which was normally the way God was addressed in prayer. The name Adonai used here, specifically refers to the nature of God as the Messiah. Moses was the first to acknowledge God in this particular covenant Messianic way.

This was for a very specific reason. Moses had become a friend of God on God’s terms. He didn’t pray for Adonai to speak to him for his own sake, but he said in Exodus 33:13:

If You are pleased with me, teach me Your ways so I may know You and continue to find favor with You. Remember that this nation is Your people.

The Response of Heaven is Favor

Moses had encountered God as Adonai and it caused a hunger to know God as He really is. Moses longed for the days of the garden and was specifically calling upon the Angel of Covenant, the Messiah, to restore unto him and the people of God this intimate friendship. He asked that God would favor him with it and God responded in Exodus 33:17

And Adonia said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken; for thou hast found favor in My sight, and I know thee by name.

God’s response to Moses was to release His favor (chen), upon him. This is the response of God when we long to know God as He truly is.

Moses wanted the relationship he had with God to distinguish him and the children of Israel from every other race of man. He asked God to teach him the ways of eternity so he could walk in the fullness of what God desired and God said yes.

A Picture of The Favor of God

The Bible is full of examples of those who walked in the favor/grace of God. They were empowered in their generation to accomplish incredible deeds. They usually had a platform to a whole people group and sometimes to the ends of the earth. They were people who had found this place of favor with God, which empowered them to be qualified to walk with this favor upon them for specific reasons.

I had a heavenly experience in 2005 that forever changed my perspective of God to my theological core. I was in a trance and caught up into a heavenly place. I was escorted to see a man; this man was Jewish and he was extremely handsome. The most incredible feature he had were his eyes, you just wanted to look at them forever because they held so much understanding and depth.

I searched in my mind for who this man could be, as I was trying to figure out if this was David or Isaiah, my divine escort spoke. “This is Job, and he has a message for you.”

I couldn’t believe the one before me was Job. I wasn’t in a season of affliction that I would commonly think would be the reason for seeing Job. Job was now looking directly at me and said. “I have a message for you.”

He began to describe that he had walked in intimate friendship with God and he unraveled the mystery of the book that was written about him. He refereed to specific passages. He said that Job 29 was a picture of what it was like to walk in the blessing of favor, and that God was calling a people to walk in this kind of favor. Then he said that Job 31 listed the qualifiers that would prepare a people to walk in this kind of favor. He took me step by step through these passages. He told me that at the end of his life he had such an amazing favor of God upon him, that walking into eternity at his death, was not much different from the last of his days; they were so sweet.

Job 31 Qualifies Us For Job 29

When you read the life Job lived and the value system that was the foundation for that life in Job 31, you begin to understand why God could pour upon him so richly. I believe these qualifiers are the same today except now we have the understanding that was birthed not only through the Old Testament but through the New Testament.

There is a process of growing in the qualifiers which releases an advancing of favor that causes the nearness of heaven. Even Jesus grew in favor with God while He was on the earth (Luke 2:52). We can expect no less then to do what Jesus set the example for: grow in the favor of God and man.

Solomon was another who found favor with God. He had the chen of God upon his life. Because of this, there was no one on the earth besides Jesus, who was as wise as Solomon. He was given the greatest resources of his day to create a temple for God, a place where God could abide.

I believe this is a picture of those who have qualified themselves to build a resting place for God. We are that resting place where God abides but there is also a specific longing in the heart of Jesus, to receive glory from the platforms of authority man can hold. I believe that there are specific times of favor that God is going to pour upon individuals, who will enter into a sphere of authority because of this favor, which will speak of the Kingdom of heaven to this earth.

They will be “graced” with great ability to perform in the industries and ministries of man.

Corporate Favor

There are also specific seasons of favor for the body of Christ; when the Holy Spirit releases a corporate revelation of Jesus, that expands the very nature of this world to hold the substance of Christ in an substantial way. These are like mandated heavenly installments of His nature upon the earth that empower us to increase in tangible ways.

Jesus spoke of this in Luke 4:18-19 when He quoted Isaiah “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Jesus actually proclaimed the time of the Lord’s favor. It can be described as a season of favor where the kingdom would begin to be pour out because of the love of God and the grace/favor (chen) towards man. He was also of course, speaking specifically about His own destiny and the time frame in which He would fulfill the death and resurrection.

We are again about to enter into a time of favor, where the revelation of Christ empowers us in all manner of ways on the earth. God is about to make Himself known. The more we qualify ourselves to walk in the favor of heaven, the more we will be able to be imbued with the chen of God; walking with God’s light shining over us and His grace upon our heads.

The great company of the heavenly host was sent to the shepherds to proclaim the day of the birth of the covenant promise of the Messiah in Luke 2:14:

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests.

Again, this is a season that God is coming upon the men and woman on whom His favor rests

  1. Ji Hyun Lee (interpreter) says:

    Thank you so much for your precious teaching about favor of God, how to walk in the favor of God, and how to be qualified for it. I really hope to be a woman poured upon his favor so that speak of the Kingdom of God to the earth, as you prophecied to me! Bless you! ^__^ -from the Great Faith Church, Seoul, Korea

  2. Jefta Varwijk says:

    i like your writing style. refreshing.

  3. June Olivier says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I read the book the throne room company and says yes and amen to all the truth revealed. At the end I read that your passion is the film industry etc and I just feel an urgency to try and connect you with a friend of my brother that is in the film industry and whose heart`s desire is to make a film of David`s life. When his other friend told me about this dream of his, it was just one of those divine moments that you know God will realise the dream and that it is going to be huge. As I understand he has already moved to America. If this resonates with you,please e-mail me and I will do my best to connect the two of you.

    June Olivier

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