Shawn Bolz is taking his Blogging to 2.0!

Posted: July 30, 2008 in blogging

I’m back with weekly blogs, a daily podcast, and video updates! ALSO: Next week the 
DATING BLOGS will be back!

Shawn Bolz is taking his Blogging to 2.0!

So after all the emails asking where my blogs went and why aren’t I consistently blogging, I have good news for you! We are going to be releasing blogs, a daily podcast, and videos every week! Thank God for my new assistant: Tyler Ward (his last name really is Ward, he isn?t just my ward).

A bit of a phenomenon happened when I first started bloggin…My dating series called “The Unreligious Guide to Dating and Being Single” was number one on Myspace every time it was released and I had over 400,000 hits on those blogs alone. I was contacted by some radio and publishing groups but I just wasn’t ready to pursue anything at the time. So with the help of my Myspace friends, I rewrote all the blogs into a book based on your comments, questions, hate mail, love stories, etc! It was the future of the book-writing-process?as if we all are writing this book together. Anyway, we are going to do it again with you to polish it up so WE ARE RE RELEASING THE BRAND NEW DATING & SINGLES BLOG. Starting next week (Monday the 4th) Some of your comments online will go into the book! The goal is to give us all a place where we can just share hearts as balanced Christians and come up with a process for young adults to build their own personal standards. It should really be fun.

This time we are going to release the blogs over blogspot (, wordpress: , and over myspace ( Here is an important note though! You can only comment about the blog on myspace so if you want to be part of the conversation you will have to do it over only myspace! You can read it on any of the blogs listed though. If 
you are in the mood to read feel free to pick up a copy of my book “Keys to Heaven’s Economy” at

Eventually, we will also be releasing a weekly video clip from one of our meetings to hopefully inspire. Right now we have some cool worship and dance videos at–photo-gallery_c35.php

Bottom line is that I want to give to those who are interested all the resources and material our ministry can.

Lastly our new podcast Your Life with Shawn and Sally! Is coming out next week also on August 4th! You can find it at  It is a one hour talk show featuring guests from every walk of life where the philosophy is if a picture is worth a thousand words then a persons story is worth a thousand teachings! We will feature new music on every show along with some of the guests playing live like John Mark McMillan, Travis Aiklun, Charles Jones, Niles Rivers, Colin Benward, Paris Carne, etc!

Some of the shows featured guests for the first month are: Paul Young the author of the Shack, Yodi Alackijaw a Red Campaign and World Vision ambassador, Jennifer Toledo associate director of Expression58, and more! (see guest list at the website). It will be a lot of fun and very deep! Get the promotional show at:

Tons of resources?so little time. They are all free of charge, full of life, and brought to you with the very special brand of Shawn love which happens to be the love of Jesus. Can?t wait, please tell me what you are excited about and keep giving us feedback on what you would like to see!

In Jesus.

Shawn B
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  1. BigBan says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. keep working!

  2. Waiting for installment No. 7.0 ….. the women’s side 😉


  3. Chris says:

    Shawn I am totally blessed by your ministry. I had never heard of you before, but I love it when I hear a prophetic voice that challenges me to think and believe bigger. I really am wanting to understand this Kingdom thing and I really enjoy your angle- I’ve heard you say at various times you like to “pray hard and play hard”. I couldn’t agree more. I wish there were more folks out there believing that God is happy and really loves us and doesn’t need us to try to manufacture the right response to his goodness in our lives. I’m still in college, but I have such a heart for America and I want to see our nation embrace a God that can really solve its problems and that God has a place for me. Thank you for being a vessel with genuinely edifying things to share. I’m thankful for your insight into relationships and heart issues as well as your propensity to grasp big-picture Kingdom principles and share them with clarity. I’m very much a global kind of thinker, and much of what you share amplifies that in me. Thanks!

  4. Chris says:

    Whoops- I failed to mention I found you through Chiswick Christian Center’s podcast (which I also found by accident)

  5. June Olivier says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I read your book the throne room company,and it touched me deeply, I am sharing and sayiny AMEN to the book and its contents.At the end of the book I read that you have a great passion for the arts and culture and film industry. I know of a South African that is currently in America somewhere and his hearts`s desire is to make a film of the life of David. The first time I heard it from his friend, I was just amazed and knew God has a great plan with this heart`s desire of his.
    I just know you and him must be connected.
    Please e-mail me if this message resonates with you,
    Be blessed!!!
    June Olivier

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