Day 4 “Remembering at the World Trade Center Location”

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

So Matthew and I are in New York and I did priceline for a hotel. It put us literally two buildings down from the World Trade Center site and we didn’t even know it until after dinner we were walking back to the hotel a different way and we both got hit with some pretty deep emotions the closer we got.

matthew remembering

I was surprised that the memories flooded back, maybe being here brought some closure that I didn’t know I needed. I realized in this that God was letting my heart lead me through an experience that is just a good human experience to have and go through. No one can understand the impact this kind of event can have on an individual or society but it made me realize how much I love our country.

What an amazing place we live in.

So here is the question of the day: What memory has come up recently that came with tons of emotions that you had to spend some time getting understanding about what you were feeling? Is your heart open where it surprises you and leads you at times or are you totally living out of your head?

*  Shawn Bolz


  1. Dima says:

    last year i met a lady and fell in love with her in such an extreme way that it was almost scary. but after 3 weeks we broke up cause the distance between both locations was to far away and we did not want to have a relationship on such a distance. a year later, now, i moved to a place next to her but we still had no contact at all. after some weeks a friend of mine told me about her greetings to me. as soon as i heard about it all the emotions came up as if it was yesterday. it took me some weeks to calm down my heart…

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