Blog Day 5 “I was made for fun

Posted: October 8, 2009 in blogging

Blog day 5 “I was made for fun!”
day off today!!! Great friends? Check! Lots of food and sweets? Check! Good entertainment? Check! Fun location? Double check! No drama? Priceless!

so I’m really tired and this may be short but sweet. After eating all over new York city and seeing shrek the musical, (my favorite food was the crumbs cupcake which will be in heaven with me), eating at a place where our waitress sang fun tunes, hanging out with friends whew, I’m ready for sleep but I made an internal commitment to write so write I will.

i am writing from my iPhone which I think has a special addictive chemical on the screen that makes me want to touch it and check it every five minutes. Because I am using the iPhone I might have spelling or capitolization errors.

i am not going to be profound or make any points tonight. I will just say that I have had a great day. Even on the subway we were entertained by a little Indian man singing and playing guitar. While I waited
for shrek to start I played video games. We met friends for dinner and had great conversations about how to help the world. It was a fun day!

question of the day: what was the most you ever did on a day off?


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