Merry Christmas 2009! Year of Preperation

Posted: December 24, 2009 in blogging

Shawn Bolz as Mickey Mouse

Shawn Bolz as Mickey Mouse

Merry Christmas!

I think the most profound thing in life that I discovered in 2009 was that in the midst of living in LA there was a lot of hard, but good things grow in the midst of the hardest of things and the good is beautiful.



Expression58 entered into its second year of life, and being two years old its growth could be seen and felt in all our hearts. We had so many people who became something that they only dreamed of before and 2009 was a time to learn how to run in life with a new pace and we caught our breath again as we ran like never before.

Sean Fuecht visiting E58

Sean Fuecht visiting E58

E58 worship with Brady Toops

Sunday morning venue (looks like youth group haha)

Expression58 Sunday Morning

Expression58 Sunday Morning

The quality of speakers was only equaled by the quality of their love and character that came from their hearts. It was an amazing journey of finding a depth in God that normally doesn’t happen with such a new organization. It caused us to believe for bigger dreams with wider vision.

Our friends and family in Expression58 began to experience break throughs that can only come with Kingdom. In March a friend of ours named Liz Jones, came to visit and she had an encounter with God that break through was going to happen for us as a people.

Breakthrough Reports: The next day my house that had been up for sale for over 2 years sold, then our church filing with the IRS for our status came through the same day. Within a week one of our members got invited to do an international summit on poverty as the key note speaker to dozens of African presidents. Within a month one of our friends was producing with Randy Jackson and joined the Lion King cast in Las Vegas. Within that time period Charles Jones started to travel with Raphael Saadiq and sell out shows. Then all of our people who needed to find housing and jobs found them within a few weeks. Commercials came in a dryspell for our actors, within a few short months our members had met with 5 Presidents or Vice Presidents of nations to give them vision for social justice. We started our Rescue center with Global Childrens Movement, in Kenya. It has been an AMAZING YEAR!


What a year of traveling! I can’t believe the adventure of life. With all ministry there are highs and lows, but there were so many highs this year. It was a year of believing for miracles because God has the nations in a divine set up that is unlike any the world has ever seen. If the world was a chess board, God has us in check and he is about to call forth his mate!

visited Hawaii

My view from Kona Ywam Base

Didn't just preach, but swam with turtles

Visited the UK

Visited the UK & Saw God move

Visited Parliament

I found myself thirsty to explore the world. God kept opening new doors that were one more creative than the other. England itself was a trip for the archives as God moved powerfully to awaken more and more people to His intimate love.

Shawn Bolz Kissing a Cheetah

Shawn Bolz Kissing a Cheetah

in Africa I spoke at the Call, we baptized IRIS ministry students and pastors in the Ocean, and we visited our rescue center in Kenya. It was AMAZING! I have never seen miracles on this level. My favorite part in Kenya was at the Call when our Global Childrens team of used to be orphans, now adopted into our family, lead a healing time (they were mostly under 12) and saw hundreds of people healed in the crowd. It was beautiful! One of the smaller girls prayed for a muslim guard at the door of the convention center because his eye was sealed shut and his eye opened!!! It was amazing! I loved traveling with Chad & Julia Dedmon, Tyler Ward, and Lorri Si as a team! (We have to do that again guys).

Heidi Baker praying for us

Heidi Baker praying for Chad and I

One of my main highlights was when Heidi Bake prayed for us in Pemba. It was so intense and all these little used to be orphans came and laid hands on me and prayed. I was with Heidi when she had an encounter with God in a meeting that I was leading in Canada to go get the lost Makua people of Mozembique in 2003.  She didn’t know who they were and we prayed together as she cried out for them with so much passion it triggered the love in me as well. They were one of the unreached people groups of the world but through IRIS there is a revival going on among them and IRIS is building churches every day in their territories. When I visited, Heidi had them pray for me and told me “This is a fulfillment of your prayers with me, these ones who are praying for you now didn’t know Jesus when I had my encounter years ago in the meeting with you. They are your inheritance too.” I will be forever undone by those little precious kids laying hands on me who wouldn’t have known Jesus if it wasn’t for the encounter Heidi had. They told me prophetically the secrets of my heart.


Never ending passion

Jill Austin, passionate for Jesus

I was privileged to MC at her California memorial. I will miss her greatly. There was no one like her and its been a long road this year without her present on the Earth.

Jill Austin's Memorial

Jill Austin's Memorial


Lou Engle and the Call team came to Hollywood to pray and they called to see if they could come pray by my house which is by the Hollywood sign. I offered them lunch but had no idea it was like 50 people coming. We had a powerful release of prayer and love for Hollywood and Lou prophesied and prayed for us as well.

Lou Engle prays over Hollywood

Lou Engle prays over Hollywood

The Call Team

Call team in Hollywood




Walt Disney Star

Jennifer and dad play ping pong

Ping Pong Match in Malibu...epic

California parents

Larry & Stacia come to LA

Jennifer Bolz

Jennifer as Lucille Ball

shawn as elvis

Elvis is in the building

We were mostly smiles in 2009. I pray that your new year is the happiest ever. May God bless you and your family!!!
IN the love of JESUS!

Shawn Bolz


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