I’m Painting Again

Posted: December 29, 2009 in blogging
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Shawn Bolz Self Portrait

Self Portrait

For Christmas I was going to do a few art projects and it turned into the relaunching of my painting desires. I am doing a series called “DEEP” and it started with a rather large painting of just light coming out of blue which was coming out of black like being in the depth under water. Then I put some butterfly silhouettes on the top right hand corner and though “I love this!” The whole canvas is textured so there is levels of depth that are really amazing.

Fly by Shawn Bolz


My favorite was one of the smaller ones that just had a bird flying in the horizon.


The Deep

You can see that there is a water type gloss finish on each painting. One of the more interesting paintings I did in the series was a large square that has glaze dripping like water in 2 separate coats. I wish this would show up in the picture, but the camera is not a capturer of beauty this time.

Deep Flying

This one is one of the smaller and again has no defining word, was just a picture that is full of life and texture.

unnamed deep by Shawn Bolz

This one is another butterfly with thicker texture on parts. It was the only one titled “LOVE” so far.

Butterfly by Shawn Bolz

There are more coming and in some sense this was a template for a series I want to do on very large canvases, but this was the “DEEP” series for Christmas so far. I have already started the large canvas first. This initial series is not for sale, but the follow up series I might offer up.


  1. Man…….. I love these – great job

  2. Katie says:

    The are seriously great! I would love to hang them in my home…

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