Reminiscing about 2009

Posted: December 30, 2009 in blogging

Indiana Jones

I looked at my list yesterday of what I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and was amazed that out of all the realistic notes I made about a 75% rate! For a dreamer that is unusually high (you should have seen the unrealistic part of it…always looking for wild and adventure)! It made me look at the year differently because it was such a hard year but in light of the good that happened I smiled.

I had one major dark spot in the year. I was only disappointed that I didn’t get to publish in 2009, I have 4 manuscripts that need editing and I just didn’t have the time for the process. The good news is I can self publish some of them and that I have publishers for others so it will all work for 2010-2011 releases.I love that my disappointment was not over regrets of bad activity or relationship fallout. I heard so much controversy and conflict around the nations that it was almost unsteadying. I am glad it didn’t touch my home front directly.

One thing I will do in 2010 more of is rest! I didn’t have a proper vacation period so I just worked through the year. That is not good in the line of work I am in….causes problems if you can’t get away and reset so I have committed to rest.

I learned a lot about myself and what I can’t do this year which eventually showed me what I can do, and what my strengths were. I don’t like the opposite approach of how I learned but it was worth it in the end picture (if its over).

Shawn Bolz

I am making a list again today about what I want to see happen in 2010. I won’t share that list, its between me and God, but rest assured most of what is projects that you will find out about if you watch my life.

So this life that is an adventure was amazing to live out in 2009. I am glad I am a happy person. I have just enough influence to enjoy people, but not enough to be super famous and have to deal with a level of public that I wouldn’t want to. I have great friends and family who have stood with me for years and years, and I have a lot of enjoyment in my talents. Mostly God is just so clearly amazing and my life quality is all because of His grace of revealing Himself to me. When people say He is good it is not a cliche when you know Him closely.

Looking at my list of what I wanted to accomplish this year really blew me away, but it also left a big space for what I want in my next year, in my 30’s, and in my life….but for now I lift up with you a toast for who God is, who he is making us, and what life held in 2009.

  1. Vicky says:

    sounds like you had a good year. Praying that the Lord will give you a companion in 2010!

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