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So I am talking to a friend and she is telling me how the ministry she came from (which I won’t name but is one of my favorites) is so fake once you get involved with it and that she gave some of the best years of her life to it but when she told them she was moving she felt shut out and invisible. She all of a sudden was in touch with all of their weakness and was angry.

Why? Because she had shut her love off towards them. She hadn’t been in leadership for at least 4 years and was loving it but then she started to lead a small area of the ministry and began to get discouraged because it wasn’t meeting her relational expectations anymore. A lot of this was because she felt rejected by not being invited into the senior team more (which had never been offered but she was hoping to climb an invisible ministry ladder) which unfortunately caused the viel of grace we all have for one another to come off where love covers a multitude of weaknesses, and she was mad that they weren’t everything she had hoped they would be. She had served there for only two years but they were some of the more “real” years of her life and now she felt like she wasn’t transferring but that she was abandoned and had to find a new place without any warmth of the place she had once felt there.

Both sides have a problem of course but you can only deal with you. (I am trying to help leaders all over the world identify a process to help “transfer” people and bless them so that people who have served for 3 or more years can feel honor in moving on for a multitude of legit reasons…that my friends is a whole book subject that will come later).

Recognizing your responsibility: Most organizations you join only stay in relationship with you for as long as you are in that organization. Its true of school, of most jobs, and unfortunately most churches. The good news is you are in charge of the way you build relationship to each organization, the structure is only there to help you, you get to guide your own love process. That means you don’t have to enter into the structure and lose. You can build with life long motives with a few of the people that you feel a connection too. If you are going to build community outside of just the purpose drivenness of your relationship, you have to share relationship outside of that purpose.

Do you spend time with the people outside of church events? Do you celebrate lives with any of your other peers who don’t attend the organization with some of those who do? Meaning you have a Bday party. Do you do it on church grounds or in a normal place you meet for ministry with only all church friends? Or do you have a group of people from work, from ministry, from family that all can mix together to celebrate you? If you separate the groups of people in your life when if you have to leave the organization you will be choosing to move on from one of the groups of people and it will not be organic to include them now that you don’t have the common structure in your life anymore.

I know that when I left the International House of Prayer I didn’t do the best job of keeping friendships across the board and I only stayed connected to a few that I had included outside of our participation together in ministry. The rest seemed to slowly forget me when I was out of site or when my roles were filled by others. I could have got a rejection complex in this or I could take responsibility and realize that I was connecting in a very participatory way vs. a deep covenant relational way and that the natural response is to be out of sight out of mind unless you are invested in the heart not just in the role.

Participation does not equal deep relationship but it can give you a substitute fulfillment for them. Participation can give you amazing mutual ground to grow in real relationship though but its going to take sacrifice and work.


Another area that causes so many problems is when someone has a calling or vision to do something but they lay it aside for too long to serve the organization and they give all their passion and focus to something that never was part of their original priorities or core. This also causes resentment and confusion because here you are doing a good thing but somehow it is violating some core value inside of you of what you are really supposed to be doing.

Consider it this way: Life itself is a commodity. Picture if you received a large inheritance from your grandfather of 5 million dollars. Picture if your company that YOU worked for asked you for 4.9 million dollars and said “Hopefully you will be paid back one day” but didn’t write out a contract of loan or define terms of how they would pay you back. Then 10 years goes by and an incredible project comes up for you to do but you need your inheritance money. Then you realize you have spent it all on an organization that has no way to pay you back because they aren’t going to stop their machine to drain all of its resources to make you happen. Now substitute money for your own personal value of your time, your heart, your calling, your strengths, and your relationship. You have to spend “YOU”, if you don’t someone else will for you and you will feel ripped off.


I love it when I get strong people who know their identity and value because I can’t “USE” them with usery on accident or in some rare cases, on purpose. If you come to me with your value already somewhat assessed then I will not spend you on something frivolous or cheap. If you don’t know who you are I might as a leader make the mistake of asking you to do something that takes away from your value just because I love what I am doing and want to include your value in it. It is not a wrong motive in my life, as a matter of face as a spiritual Father I will feel like I am affirming you by including you at any level in my ministry because it brings me joy to share with you what I am building.

That means that you have to get good at defining you, and bringing you to me because if you don’t define you then I will. This is OK when you have a mature ministry leader, but when you have ministry leaders who have too many plates spinning or activities brewing then they are happy that you are just filling in gaps. We are ALL called to serve, but that doesn’t mean that you can live a full time job in serving filling gaps and end up satisfied. If everyone in my ministry just served the ministry with 5%-10% of our time then we wouldn’t have volunteers who usher or greet people at the door who start to get burned out.


When I was very young I was defined in one ministry in the role of administrative Assistant which sounds awesome to some and ridiculous to others who know me because I am not administrative. The problem is that the ministry had SO much need that they were happy to give me the role and I wanted to serve something that had value so I took it because I didn’t know my own value although I had dreams.

During my time in that ministry my core gift set was not activated (although you will always find some place for it to manifest if you love yourself at all) and I was dying in my heart and frustrated because I was spending 80% of my time doing things that were not my strengths even though I can get them done because I have a high work ethic. I went to the ministry leader and told them my dilemma and they said “I am so sorry you feel that way, there are people we can hire in this role who would love it so you go do what you want to do and you know what let me help you!” Which is amazing because that ministry leader did not need to help me but did so sacrificially. I wonder if we had more self intelligence if they wouldn’t waste a lot of time on non essentials.

Many leaders manifest control out of a good heart. We wonder how people get dominated or controlled and it is so easy because not only is it easier for me to control someone to make a process of connecting them go faster; as a body member it is much easier to give up my identity to let someone else steer so that I don’t have to make the effort of pioneering. Many people in the body like it when its defined for them, but ultimately a Father helps people define their own identity he doesn’t define it for them.


 I remember in my young end of twenties going out with this major leader who was doing the type of ministry I wanted to do. I was so excited to spend time with him. During our talk (which seemed fabulous at the time) he told me all about his life and how he had gotten into ministry. Then finally at the end of our time he turned the subject onto me (LOL that we spend 3 hours talking about him and I was so excited). “What do you want to do in ministry Shawn?” He asked.

 “I want to have a real impact on reforming Christianity and I feel called to demonstrate it through signs and wonders. I want to learn the prophetic ministry while I am here so I can bring that skill set with me wherever I go.”

 “Oh Shawn” he looked at me disappointed. “You are not called to be prophetic. You are called to serve people who have my type of ministry. I don’t think you understand how this works, God has to tell people like me who to appoint into leadership and I am not seeing it on you.”

 To which I began to laugh because I thought he was joking. Then I realized he was serious and we ended the convo. The problem was I had parents who are real spiritual authorities in my life who had raised me with high value and belief to know that this man wasn’t powerful enough to title me, it had already been done. God is raising up a whole generation of leaders. My own self value created my faith for my own authority that caused me to kindly reject his false authority which was not based on relationship, protocol, or a firm Biblical understanding but was based on his own spiritual perspective or entitled authority which is a dangerous thing if YOU don’t know who YOU are.

 I am not saying you can declare yourself the evangelist of a ministry but you sure can give your heart to bringing people to Jesus whether a church structure recognizes you or not.

Example: I had a couple come to me and tell me that the dance leaders of our old ministry didn’t have room for their style of dance (the dance leaders only did processional or Israel dance) and this felt shut down. I laughed and looked at these professional dancers and said “You mean you are going to let a woman who has never taken a dance lesson outside of the messianic movement stop you from dancing? There is a whole world out there and there is plenty of room for you in it! Go get involved with a dance studio or start to choreograph some dances and do street dance or if you want to dance in ministry get involved long distance to one of the larger dance ministries that has your style in it. You don’t have to let our limited dance ministry limit your dreams…you are powerful!” And you know what they did and now the woman runs a dance academy.

 You are not limited by the authority in the ministry you serve even if its over the area you are called too most because you may not be called under the umbrella of that ministry to be primarily activated. You might want to read the previous statement again.

 Maybe your church is the filling station and relationship hub so you can get filled while you are living a full life of activity elsewhere. We have several professional dancers in our church who don’t want to dance when they come to church because they are so fulfilled outside of church. Just like none of our actors have energy to act on drama teams when they do acting most of the time for a living. They want to participate for love, joy, family and the move of God that is going on. We also have inner healing ministers that have a whole ministry related to us but its not our “official” ministry we are just partnered to it. I think this is healthy to have many partnerships.

 Anyhow, just remember as you serve in a ministry that you have authority too, you are extremely valuable, and you are powerful. As a spiritual father to many it brings me great joy when I have to release people out of my vision for them because their vision has gotten too large, but I always know its God when they still have a humility and an attitude of a servant inside their perspective. It also brings me greater joy when it adds to what I am doing instead of separates and becomes completely independent. Oh that’s another subject.

 Pioneers don’t be afraid of your own authority and honor others authority!

 Lots of love

Shawn Bolz 


I was called into the office by my our CFO and looked at the books with him. The good thing is I have dyscalculia which is like mathematical dyslexia so when I hear numbers I just blank out anyways so we could owe a million or two thousand and I just enter into “Well God is going to have to do it.” Its not helpful to everyone else though. 

I left the meeting realizing we need around twenty thousand dollars to get out of the crises we are in (this isn’t a support letter but feel free to help if you are on the winning side of pioneering ::grin::) and about two hundred thousand to really start building another level through website, getting a building space that is more permanent then renting one night here and another there, and to buy some of the equipment we need (worship teams really do need more then one monitor). I am not in despair because its all part of pioneering. Oh but did I tell you that there will always be issues while pioneering that will discourage you no matter how Spiritual you are?


Discouragement comes to a pioneer when there is not enough of something. Maybe not enough finances, friends, strategy, resources of space time, etc.
It is easy to start into an area and not realize the level of sacrifice and start up it may cost, let alone the time commitment. For us in E58, we really thought we were moving to a land of wealth and plenty in Los Angeles and within two years we would have a normal operating budget and a building. OH how I laugh now, we moved here in the recession, I used all of my savings on another ministry project before I got here so we had no cushion, the rest of the team was financially drained, the people we attracted were all getting hit by the hard times our nation was in, and buildings are a rare commodity for ministries in west LA.
At first I was hit with a lot of feelings of failure and discouragement until I got educated about our region. Like for us, 90% of church plants fail in their first two years mostly because of finances. 50% of churches fail in their first 10 years. The city of Hollywood hasn’t approved a new church as being part of the city in over 7 years. We have 15-19 percent unemployment and we have 70,000 homeless on the streets every night. The main actors guild is called SAG and only about 21% of the actors did a job in 2008 from a statistic I read online.
The other thing that I discovered in LA is that there are hardly any para church ministries. Most of this is because of financial reasons. I tip my hat to those who make it!
What we now know is that we are called to be a transforming agent and that we are breakthrough for our city before it has break through for us. That means we were going to have to gain authority by both intercession but also by loving well and getting connected to our city in a real and tangible way. We are still in process in many areas of this, but we now are seeing roots of what is causing a lot of this pain in our city, and we are beginning to move in the opposite spirit. 


As a pioneer you may not even know yet how your streams of finances are supposed to come in. One thing for sure is you are going to have to create multiple because tithing alone is not working in America (gifts are down in some places up to 60%). That means we have to create new forms of revenue that other generations of the church haven’t done yet. Yes there are several church models out there that do tithe/bookstore/conference/school model to raise a complete budget, but then there are those of us in cities like Los Angeles where the normal church models are even failing. I have had several of my good friends who are pastors of successful churches tell me how they are all but financially failing right here in LA who have great models of revenue based on what worked in the 80s and 90s. 

The hard thing is as a pioneer we are trying to find out what will work and what wont.
There is nothing more discouraging then to lose money on a project that you really felt vision for, but you know what? its going to happen from time to time. Especially when you are in start up (I hate the word start up because we have been in it again for OH SO LONG! but we all go through this). The other issue is as a pioneer you are going to have to hear from God as a group. You are going to have to try new things! You are going to have to EXPERIEMENT and it will cost you, but just like in science no break through comes without a lot of research and experimenting. If you are going to be pioneer then you are going to sacrifice time on things that don’t end up working. I have had my share of that (failed DVD project, failed Video Game, failed ministry plant), but then I have had great success (Books, travel, ministry base in LA, light entertainment projects, video game tester). 

Many millionaires have lost everything once, but then regained it back. Why? Because they took risks. Just like no one can tell you exactly how you personally can gain wealth in a model that works directly for you (although everyone tries), no one can tell you how to raise finances for your ministry. You are going to have to try some things, and you will be blessed both when they work and when they don’t because knowledge is power.


If you are pioneering in ministry and you don’t raise up a team I feel sorry for you. This is something that is a non negotiable to me, coming to LA I needed family and team to remind me who we are, what we are building, and what IS working when we have gone through the seasons where our weaknesses and failures were front and center. In pioneering I feel like you live with the obvious mistakes of your life being worn on your sleeve for the first five years (unless you are good at just dressing it up which we refuse to do). If people look at us without the spiritual eyes of love they will see our immaturity in areas and see what areas are not working yet or are weak. You need a team to help look at who Jesus is in you and call you to it.

If you are taking risks without people who are taking risks with you or are there for you in a real way then when there is failure you will take it in a way that brings personal crises every time and eventually you will break down and do something normal that requires less faith or belief in dreams. I am not saying I haven’t gotten more down to earth about my dreams, but I am still a dreamer.


Of course I have a million reasons why people don’t give but the one you have power over is growing in relationship with them to create what business calls a “Buy In” which means they feel like they are really a part of the family and ministry and that they are carrying the vision. We had one Sunday when we first started that we took an offering for our church. Then we had a missionary stand up and give a quick testimony and I took a spontaneous offering for her. The church offering was a whopping 500 dollars (we need 3000-5000 a week to survive) but her offering was 3500! Our people had the money but they weren’t giving to us. One of my leaders wives who knew the behind the scenes financial issue in this wanted to stop the church because the lack of value, but I explained that we are the ones who steward this value with God and man, and this value takes time and energy and there is no formula although there are some good resources out there.

Why will people spend 100 dollars a month on Star Bucks, 60 dollars a month on a gym they may or may not go to, 150 on internet purchases, but not tithe? Because they don’t see the benefit of what they are getting out of church. You can pound it down their throats on why its Biblical to tithe, or you can envision them and ask them through relationship and time to start to make a commitment. When peoples hearts are into something they will give. Putting the need there in front of them helps them to see why they are giving and what its for, but we can not keep people committed because of need or obligation. Eventually they have to want to give because of what God is doing in their hearts in owning the ministry. If you get these types of people they are worth their weight in gold (sometimes literally).


Finances are hard, and I will talk about them again in the future, but just know that if you are going to be a pioneer then you will take lots of risks. Some of you will never know the struggle that others have financially but one thing is for sure: we are hard pressed but not crushed in seasons. We are all at different places financially but for the most part we have this in common: we have to come up with a strategy to finance the move of God we are called to build and be proactive in it not reactive.

On that note: Become a builder financially with E58! Shameless plug


Shawn Bolz


To give a donation visit our website or paypal through or send one in (address on website). Its all tax-deductible and all that jazz.

Welcome to my SPIRITUAL PIONEER blog which is all about us sharing a journey together about what it is to pioneer and rebrand Christianity. I am going to try and be vulnerable about my own journey in planting a ministry base and also local church in Los Angeles. My hope is that I can begin to communicate to other pioneers and we can share our struggles and joys whether you are in the South, in Canada, across the Ocean, live around Los Angeles, or even in Hollywood. Feel free to comment and ask Questions. As always if you have something extremely negative to say feel free to private email me instead of posting message.

A funny thing happened on the way to the club where we have our church on Sunday mornings….(we call the children’s room “the Love Lounge” because it’s so skanky but its been a good temporary place). I had gone to Disneyland the day before with some friends (Props to Trish, Cherie, Heather, Scottie, and my Sister Jennifer…I was heavily outnumbered by estrogen) and I found out I was speaking that night….oops. That means by 10PM I had to spend limited time with God to figure out what I was supposed to speak on which I hate to do! I like to know the Monday before and then every day pray into and figure it out, especially when I am not just doing one of my old life messages but building into the season we are in. I switched topics about fifteen times and even considered the fact that the church is down in giving by about $10,000 this month because of recession in LA (the end of the year has about killed us financially but we are winning the war in our hearts). I knew that wasn’t the right thing to touch on especially because our people are givers and don’t need extra Christmas pressure.

Then finally, as often happens, God dropped the beginning of a message in me like the first line in a book. “A Father’s role is not to establish your purpose and vision for you, but to provide an environment where he helps you identify who you are and then brings boundaries with you to protect your journey of exploration into your own truth about that. He is supposed to allow you to be a visionary and dreamer, not substituting his dreams for yours but actually dreaming with you your dreams and making sure to help guide you in priorities in finances in family commitments and to stay the course to accomplish your powerful vision and desire.” and I had the scriptures that backed me up…so cool! I went to bed excited even though I only had that much thinking “I will spend time in the morning with Jesus and get the rest…this is good!”

Then I woke up and realised I had set my alarm for PM not AM and it was 9AM and I was supposed to be there early to help the team with anything service and I started running around freaking out that I couldn’t find clean socks or an ironed shirt and felt like I was catching the flu (which formed into a full virus in me) and I had lost all the energy that was my message….oops. I got in the car after posting on my facebook my ETA (which included a Starbucks run of course or no one would have wanted to see me…I needed the power of God AND caffeine) and I almost lost my salvation and ministry over an old woman driver in front of me who had forgotten how to drive or never learned in America. Then I FINALLY got on the highway while listening to Christmas music and it occurred to me:

God needs to take us on a journey as a ministry and as a church of really knowing each other. Most of my church team have been involved with other churches for long seasons before us and came with us to LA or transferred too us, my leaders have lead other places, our worship teams have been involved with other worship teams, but we are just now on our own journey of gaining our own identity as a corporate people. That is hard for a group of peops to gain their corporate identity and I realised my message of Fathering wasn’t just a message to empower our peops to do this but it was empowering me to dream with them, to help us establish a corporate identity and know how to really worship together and receive each other. I WAS BECOMING A FATHER FOR THE MINISTRY!

I felt like a Father, but the steps were becoming more clear and simple. Like a few weeks ago I asked people in our regional meeting (still Expression58 but the ministry not the local church..) “How many of you don’t feel known in something that you have maturity or wisdom in that you have been known in somewhere else in the past? In other words how many of you have equity in some area of life but it hasn’t transferred into Los Angeles or into your home church or here at Expression58?”

So many people raised their hands it was wild! So many people felt invisible in some of their strengths and because of not feeling known they were not completely activated. I immediately realised I had a job to create a safe place for people to be known and connect in their lives and ministries. You know an orginization is either held back by its leadership or moved forward by it and I have done both. I realize that to move people into a corporate identity even regionally they have to feel known and we have to learn how to transfer their equity into our organization and relationship structure. In other words if you owned a house and then sold it, you could take your profit or equity with you to purchase the next house. It should be the same in the Kingdom because we are all one organization, the church. We should be the best at receiving each other in strengths, in experience, in talents, in giftings, and in skills. We shouldn’t have hundreds of hoops to jump through before we become a part of relationship even if we do have programs to facilitate this joining like memberships or classes, they should only empower not be a protocol hoop to jump through.

Back to my Sunday morning. So I get their with the realization that I am to Father, and I am thinking: Dear God! I am single with no kids and most of what I have done is on the exotic side of ministry AKA being involved with the prophetic my entire life. Now God is asking me to be a Father in the city and to create Fathers and Mothers of all ages who really understand themselves and are coached into successful love in all areas. Then I remember Jesus was not your average leader in his day either. He was single without kids (props to me for the first time in that regard) and he didn’t spend a lot of time meeting needs but actually was working to bring a Kingdom. He raised up a team around him that had various strengths and passions that could carry the areas he didn’t bring to the table as far as meeting with people, organizing their mission, travel schedule, finances, etc. I started to get courage and so should you! When we pioneer we are so strong even when we are weak when we have (first God) then a team with us because in our weaknesses they are strong! (Not to imply Jesus was weak but he had incredible delegation abilities Matthew 10 as an example).

So I am qualified and so are you to lead even if your life looks different from the average life and we are called to Father (Mother) this generation into becoming the best versions of themselves.Shawn at Hollywood walk of fame Its not about experience (although it helps so much and I can’t wait to have more), its not about whether you are married or single (Its believed even Paul was single), its not about how gifted you are (a big heart can cover up a lot of weakness), but we are qualified to pioneer this new breed of Christianity by a few things:

1) Love for God

2) Love for ourselves and people

3) Willingness, teachability and humility

So that’s it…thats the first blog but I will be writing more soon! In the mean time I would encourage you to read our end of the year report that is in my blog on wordpress, on Facebook in my notes, on our website in the news ( and other places. If you want to hear the message I did on that Sunday look for it in our free podcast soon.

Signing out… Shawn Bolz






WOW! What a year it’s been! 2010 was so full of activity, and we
are going to try and summarize just what you did in contributing
through prayer, partnership, or involvement with Expression58. This
summary is about you! Read it personally, and if you were not
involved with the ministry, prayer, or the finances, just pretend
you were and get excited with us! Maybe you will consider
contributing as a year end gift or committing to our prayer base in
the coming year! Also, come visit LA and see us at one of our
services, seminars, or conferences.
In 2007 we started a missions base in Los Angeles with the
intention to bring the ministry components that we were already
doing (training Christians to be awesome and ministering to the
poor) together with a church family. We didn’t know what it was
going to look like, but we knew our core DNA- Love, Creativity, and
Justice. We believe this will bring a revival culture to the
culture capital of the world, so that we can export it everywhere.
In 2010 we began to work hard on developing a structure lead by a
pioneering visionary team that could make this dream happen. I am
proud to say that it is working because of our amazing people who
are involved in the community. It is a humble, but real beginning.
A ministry like ours relies on the activation of people that we
influence, and this was our first year of activating many areas,
both internally as well as training outside ministries and groups.
You helped us to:
1) Activate many different sub ministries in E58 including the
prophetic teams, outreach, intercession, business, operations,
missions, personal transformation (inner healing & life coaching),
2) You were involved in dozens of healing miracles that happened
all year long! One of my personal favorites is a testimony from a
young man who was visiting with his youth group. He was scheduled
to get his wisdom teeth extracted when he returned from their Los
Angeles youth trip, but God took them out in the meeting. He no
longer needed the surgery! For a youth that had never seen God move
in such a personal way, it was very powerful!
3) You were involved with our prophetic ministry that was raised up
around the region to minister to our community, pastors around the
city, business leaders, entertainers, and the poor. One of my
favorite stories is a well known celebrity who was afraid of God
because of a negative spiritual experience she had in a cult years
ago. However, when we went to her house to minister to her, the
presence of God came like tangible love and set her free from
anxiety, fear, and panic that had so gripped her, and now she is
off all medication and became a Christian!

4) You were involved with the healing and life coaching of LA
people who have huge destiny and have pursued great personal
breakthrough! We had over 30 of our people attend The River, a
sexual identity healing program, and many more go through our Sozo
and Inner Healing programs.
5) You were involved with groups that brought people together
relationally: home groups, core groups, focus groups, all building
people together in love for God and one another.
6) You are what birthed our messages on family. You were apart of
ending extreme injustice in the nations, awaking creativity, seeing
revival birthed in the entertainment industry, fathering in culture
and beyond, and simply loving well.
7) You were involved with missions around the world, partnering
with sending teams from LA and other groups like Bethel Church in
Redding to Congo, Kenya, and Thailand.
− The podcast started in 2010, and we now have 5000 people + a
month who follow our free weekly messages via itunes or other
podcast services.
− A communications staff was hired late in the year to begin
assembling articles, newsletters, artwork, and other forms of
communications for a new weekly update on all that is going on in
both our ministry at large, and our local community.
− Seminars: We did a Dream Intensive Seminar with Dale Shannon, two
Soaking In the Presence of God seminars with Aileen Foos, Revival
Tours around hot spots in LA, a life coaching seminar, and a
Kingdom Finance business meeting. Nichole Feeley also trained many
in Sozo inner healing.
− Regional Classes: We hosted two prophetic classes that had over
100 people trained in the prophetic from around the region lead by
Lorri Si and Shawn Bolz. There was also a Life Coaching Class with
Dale Shannon. We hosted a free Social Justice class lead by
Jennifer Toledo and Charity Marquis and Alison Andrik did a class
for sexually broken called “Hope and Healing”
− Outreaches: We co-sponsored a Thursday outreach called “Tread”
which is a prayer/evangelism outreach in different parts of our
city across denominations. We co-sponsored a large outreach in
MacArthur Park with Praise Chapel ministries where we did healing &
prophetic ministry in the park as well as Chiropractic adjustments
and dream interpretation. We lead various teams around the city
doing treasure hunts, prophetic evangelism, and servant evangelism.
Many of our people were involved with evangelism that happened
organically in the entertainment industry.
− Foster Care/Adoption Emphasis: We lead our regional community
into adoption/foster awareness programs and services so that we
could start to take off a bite sized piece of children at risk in
the region. Several people have adopted or are in process. Others
are fostering!
− Our team spoke at 14 different churches in the region in
trainings, conferences, or services. We love our region of the
greater Southern California area, and in 2011 we are going to get
even more involved!
− Locally Shawn Bolz spoke at over 20 places including churches,
three entertainment events, several conferences, three studios, and
at a rehab center. He also lead prayer meetings with his team in
clubs, studio lots, mansions, in a bar, and on the beach. He was
also able to pray with many entertainment industry people
one-on-one all year long from all around the world who were
visiting LA. The best stories just can’t be told, but they are
happening! We are raising up teams to multiply his efforts.
We have been directly partnering with Global Childrens Movement
( ) to raise up missionaries in red
zone areas like the Congo and Sudan war zones, places with high
amounts human trafficking, and areas with many children at risk
around the world. Expression58 raised a great start up missions
budget to begin projects like establishing schools in Congo where
no other organization would dare to go. We helped build a
children’s base in Kenya, and we are partnering with programs in
South America to set up a feeding program for children at risk, and
evangelize youth prisons in Ecuador. Cassandra Basnett, one of
E58’s missionaries, is leading the charge with a GCM team in Congo.
Their progress has caused us to realize that we are called to do
things we never thought we would. We are called to partner with
Cassandra to raise up missionaries who know that their destiny lies
in war zones!
We changed our leadership structure to empower more of our team,
and build a creative input and decision making structure. There is
nothing traditional about E58. Our leadership team consists of men
and women of all ages and ethnicities. We have changed from a top
down management style into an empowerment-based leadership. We have
been blessed to have several secular business consultants and
apostolic leadership teams guiding us all year long. We are excited
to have risen up 12 directors/managers (or pastors) who volunteer
to lead each of the core departments of the church and help them
multiply and become very accessible. Their goal is not to have the
department serve them, but to serve the department by partnering
with others in the city, sponsoring other people’s ministries, or
simply raising up their own ministry within the church. What does
this look like? Our personal transformation department is great
example of this. This department covers our counseling, inner
healing, and life coaching in the church. The department leader,
Nichole Feely, doesn’t just do her version of inner healing (which
is Sozo), she is also raising up a Sozo team, connecting our other
inner healing, counseling, and life coaches that attend
Expression58 to our community, making sure that there are all kinds
of opportunities to go to regional events for our community, and is
training other churches & ministries in inner healing. Each
department leader is the process of building their department in
this way. Our empowerment-based leadership structure is all about
raising up a team of people trying to accomplish the same goals,
but with their unique vision, expressions of ministry, and
influence or abilities.
It is going to be a year of activation for Expression58. We want to
activate champions in business, entertainment, the church, and to
the poor.
1) We will be hosting more training seminars locally. These
seminars will come under the title “Expression58 School of
Activation” and will eventually turn into an actual school program.
Next year we will be doing more trainings in social justice, the
prophetic, healing, business, entertainment, and more!
2) We are going to give people at large a way to become champions
of our E58 culture by becoming more of an official part of our
ministry whether they are local or abroad. We are going to launch a
program called E58 Vision Builders. We are raising up this program
for people who want to become members of our organization from
other churches, be more connected to our church, or even just
partner with us. It will not be a church membership in a
traditional sense, but an equipping to create a missional mindset
and a sense of belonging for people whether they are apart of e58
full time or not. This is also a great way for those who don’t live
in LA to be connected to our ministry in a more tangible way.
Churches that are looking for training, and entertainment groups
who want to carry our DNA into the industry will also get to be
apart of our Vision Builders program so that they may be connected
to us wherever they live.
3) We are going to be doing even more intentional leadership
development. Our leadership team is going to go through a year long
leadership development program through Global Legacy at Bethel
church. Our core team of leaders, who support all departments, are
going to get consistent training and equipping from the leadership
base and from outside guest trainers. We are doing things like
strengths training, personality assessments, vision development,
operational development, etc. for each department and then for the
overall structure.
4) We are going to be very intentional about communicating with you
about what we are doing, what is available, and where we will be.
We are going to create a brand new website (donors needed) as well
as send our team around the world on trips and conferences that
will give many more people practical experience for who we are and
how to get involved. We are also going to release more relevant
information through our mailing list.
THANK YOU FOR READING OUR REPORT! Its people like you who make this
ministry exciting and make partnering with heaven fun.

Stay tuned as we promise to report to you as much as we can from
E58 headquarters in Los Angeles, California!

Lots of love In Jesus
May your Holidays be filled with the joy of Jesus!

Shawn Bolz & The Expression58 Team





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“Under Construction”
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Listen to “Time Has Come” by Jona Toledo


Listen to “Going Beyond Survival” by Shawn Bolz


Listen to “Being a Temple” by Charity Marquis








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Under Construction




Letter from Pastor Shawn Bolz

“Under Construction.” That is the sign that would be over us right now if we had anything that marks the identity of this season. We are literally in a gestation period quite similar to that of a catepillar.


I recently got home from a long travel spree where I was privileged to go to Indonesia and meet with an entertainment church and a business leaders conference. I also went to Bethel to their Open Heavens Conference, then to Morning Star Ministries to speak at their Kingdom Business Association. Finally I ended up at home where we have been in total restructuring. God does not seem to mind our construction process. He has been busy moving through our team as though we are fully ready to go. I love that about Him; in our weakness He is always strong and good. 


As our team explained to me what is happening in their departments, including healings and hearts touched, people activated, and new strategies, I noticed a common theme. Almost all of our Expression58 leadership team is looking at Expression58 not only as a family, but also as a missions base of servant-leadership to train our region in different themes of love, creativity, and justice. Most of them have been training in their various areas all over the city at other churches, some of which have never been open to our DNA of Christianity before. As a matter of fact, when looking back at all the pastors and churches who have been coming consistently to our services over the last year, we noticed that we have had priests, vicars, Presbyterian pastors, YWAMers, and leaders of all types. I have been in touch with our small impact over entertainers and artists, business people and such, but I was shocked to find that our team has been scheduled to speak at events, seminars, and classes universally. This led me to understand more of our process and a word I received which is now being fulfilled.


Over a year ago, I received a word from an African prophet that I was going to receive 5 gold coins to represent the talents in the Parable Of The Talents in Matthew. He said after I received those, I would receive 5 more one at a time and when I received the 10th, that we would be in a season of “Well done” where we would feel the Father’s pleasure over what we are building. In due time, we would receive an 11th talent, representing that God was putting us into a transition to receive the fullness of what we were promised. 


A few weeks later, I received 2 gold coins while in England. When I got home I received 3 gold coins in Texas. During that time, which was over a year ago, we went into a structure and operations building time so that we could create a reproducible activation model to equip and release as many people as God would send to us. This time felt like God was building the behind-the-scenes of our ministry. We have worked extremely hard with a staff of mostly volunteers and in one year we have come leaps and bounds in organization, though we still have a long way to go! 


One by one during the year, I received gold coins. Shockingly, the 10th one came a few weeks ago from a widow in our E58 family. She called it her “widows mite” and it was very significant to her, and of course it was a huge sacrifice and of significance to us. I was so touched that our “well done” prophetic fulfillment came from this dear widow who LOVES us so much (and who we love). It was so significant and such a picture. I told the team about this word I had received, as most did not know it because so much was unfulfilled I had not yet brought it to them. 


Just one week later, more of the miraculous happened. I was at a conference, in the least likely place, and the leaders of the conference gave me the final gold coin as part of my honorarium! They wanted to give it to me on 11-11 (the day the conference started), but they couldn’t because I didn’t arrive until the last day (11-14). We had the 11th in such a short period that my head was spinning. How could we be in a transition of fullness? I know its true though. I and a lot of my team are doing what we are created to do. Yes, there is a lot that is not happening and a lot that is undone, but if we focus on what God is doing, it is AMAZING. 

The coin had Ronald Reagan on it. I was prophesied over that this represented that the “Reagans” that are residing in Southern California are going to get promoted into their positions in the entertainment industry. They would have an impact on our state and eventually on the nation like Reagan did, who in my mind was one of the Presidents who helped restore our country to its original values and calling. This got me reflecting on our current season of ministry.



 This season has been a season of identifying priorities, walking out the prophetic word, and staying as hidden as possible in one of the most broadcasted cities in the nation. We want to build a lasting movement of God, so we have not been doing most of the interviews that have been requested of us. We are careful about where we broadcast our services at this point, and we have just been trying to blossom in the wilderness of LA. This email list you are on is only a few thousand people strong because although everyone is welcome and there is no exclusivity, we have been in a season of identifying who we are and how to build. So we haven’t had a “were open for business” sort of push. 


For those of you who are new to us, remember that we are also new. We are still in a season where our operational and pastoral structure is new. Each of the leaders in this ministry is doing their role for the first time, which means our experience level is not extremely strong. I have been a leader and have done leadership consultation for years, but I have never built this kind of structure on this level with this kind of wonderful vision. We are trying out all kinds of new things, from a love-driven value system. So many ministries fail in Los Angeles because of being too model-centric instead of love focused. Pray for grace and remember we are starting a community almost from scratch.  You won’t be able to inherit years of relationships here to our city, but you will be able to help us create them for future generations. You are also not inheriting a well-oiled machine in terms of structure, but a brand new, out of the box group who still are still working out the kinks of this innovative ministry. I like to see us as an experiment of love. Love never fails so it’s a good experiment to try. 


This month starts the first of many newsletters to really get you in touch with what is going on in our world, in the entertainment industry from a Christian perspective, and in the realm of kingdom justice in the red zones of the world as we are related to it. Stay tuned in for future months to hear incredible stories and see for yourself through videos and first hand reports of what God is doing.






What Has Happened


E58 the Church:


Expression58 recently held a Harvest party in place of it’s

normal Sunday service. On October 31st, members of the Expression58 Community met to celebrate the fall season with great food, games, and fun! Many Participated in Pie-eating contests, sack races, raffle drawings, are more! It was a great time to simply be with family and spread the joys of the Harvest season. We are excited to make this Harvest Party and annual tradition. Don’t miss

out on the fun next year!            





E58 the Movement:


The Prophetic Department led by Dale Shannon held a Dream Interpretation Seminar open to our community. They discussed how to interpret your dreams and the dreams of others through the biblical methods of interpretation used by Joseph and Daniel. They ended the seminar with an activation, releasing people to minister to others through dream interpretation. The seminar went great and many felt empowered to help others understand their dreams as well as find meaning in their own. 


The Prophetic Department also began a Life Coaching class. The class has been in session for a couple weeks, covering topics such as how to get life empowerment skills to fulfill your God given dreams and destiny, and how to create and live the outcomes desired in your life. There are still a few more weeks remaining in the series, but so far the class seems to be going great. Dale Shannon, who is a college professor and professional life coach, is also teaching this series.


Recently, Shawn Bolz led a Kingdom Business Meeting for business and finance professionals. Many business people gathered to meet for the purpose of hearing the voice of God and to support one another in the business world in Southern California and beyond. Shawn Bolz, author of “Keys to Heaven’s Economy,” led the meeting, and after words members of the Expression58 Prophetic Team came to minister and love on the meeting’s attendees. 








What Is Happening
E58 Church:                          


We are currently in the process of looking for a new building. We would like a facility that is conducive to our dreams and visions for our children’s ministry, as well as a lace for our offices


that can become our Expression58 hub. We would like a place that not only holds our current community, but also has room for growth. As we pray and intercede for God to open the doors for a new building, we are asking our Expression58 family to join with us and believe God for a great place to call home.

Our Prophetic Department is offering free prophetic appointments! The E58 prophetic team is
ready to minister God’s heart for you in prophetic ministry. Appointments are currently
available every Tuesday at 6:15pm and 6:35pm and bimonthly on Sundays starting
Nov. 7
th at 9:25am and 9:45am. 
to schedule your appointment.  We
encourage all that receive ministry to bring a recording device.  If you do not have one, we will try to
record your time of ministry and email it to you.  







Here are some of the current home groups we have going
on.  For more info you can go to
our website or contact the individuals listed.

Jim and Gail
(Granada Hills).
for details.

Steve and Sarah Boshear:

and Mark: (Mircle Mile)

Jill Risk
and Amanda Urreg




E58 The Movement:


Our Prophetic Department is offering free prophetic 
appointments!  The E58 prophetic team is ready to minister God’s heart for you in prophetic ministry. Appointments are currently available every Tuesday at 6:15pm and 6:35pm and bimonthly on Sundays starting Nov. 7th at 9:25am and 9:45am.  Email to schedule your appointment.  We encourage all that receive ministry to bring a recording device.  If you do not have one, we will try to record your time of ministry and email it to you.  

Come to the Soaking Encounters and Prophetic Activation seminar. Want to learn how to step into encounters with Jesus on a regular basis and/or go places in the Spirit that you have never gone before? Join us as we walk through different experiences together to explore what it means to be people who encounter God and carry His Kingdom. Our time together will be full of rest, connection, and encounter. Registration $15; offering will be taken as well. The class with be taught by Aileen Foos- E58 Children’s Pastor. 





Our Regional Tuesday services have moved to a different location. Services will temporarily be held at 15055 Oxnard St. Van Nuys, CA 91411. Sundays will continue to be held at the El Rey Theatre.






How to Get Involved  




Home Groups: Join a home group and meet with other members of Expression58 in a small, intimate setting. Make great relationships through deep discussions, fun activities, and hang out time! Check out our website for current home groups. 



Volunteer Department: If you are looking for a way to get to know people and serve Expression58 at the services, then become a service volunteer and help facilitate the services administratively. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email JoAnna at



Children’s Department: If you love kids and would like to work with them during the services contact Aileen at



Ministry Teams: If you have a passion for people and love to pray and seek God on behalf of others, then consider taking the Prophetic Activation Class and join a ministry team. To learn how to join a ministry/ healing team contact



Classes: Here are Expression58, we offer many classes on various topics. If you enjoy learning and desire to grow in your knowledge or ministry skills, check out our current classes on our website. Click on e58 Regional classes under the school tab.






Become a Supporter:  



Would you consider Expression58 for your tax deductible year end giving? We have many projects that rely on supporters like you to make them happen. Consider a one-time gift or become a partner to E58! Your donation will help us change culture from the culture capital of the world! In this season because so many of the team are volunteers and space rental is very high for meetings, we need to raise about ten thousand dollars more a month immediately if we want to get past maintenance and into vision growth.

Website: We wanted to pitch to some of our financial partners that we have an AMAZING team in line to develop a new website for us but we need some pledges towards it. It will cost roughly $20,000 and we can do this in stages. If you would like to contribute directly towards this you can state that on your donation or if you would like to donate a large amount to help pay towards it or even for it please contact Jesse Grim, who is the associate director of E58. 

Other Projects include a permanent building with space to feature the Arts, house our offices and services, and serve as a hub for our mission here in L.A. We are also looking to establish a media team with the right equipment to help build our regional and web presence, among many other exciting opportunities.

Prayer Directives:

Please join us in our prayer directives. Below are some specific areas in which we need your prayers!

* NEW SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTION: We are truly in a new season and just need prayer for grace as we morph into an apostolic community of love who sends people into some of the most intense places in culture.

* CLARITY OF PRIORITIES: There is so much need here and we want to respond out of vision for what God wants, not out of desperation for the lack of what is not happening. Please pray that we really hear God right now. 

* BUILDING: Still praying for the perfect location. We need to work with the city to help us plant a church in our area because its very uncommon for new church plants to be part of the city and start here.

* FINANCES: We live in one of the most expensive lands in the world and we moved here during its recession. Unemployment has finally bottomed out in LA praise God! But now we need a turn around in our economy so God has to show us creative ideas that is not just tithing and support for raising our income. Please pray that He shows us new and inventive ways to create finance.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Enjoy this Holiday Season!

-The Expression58 Team




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