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WOW! What a year it’s been! 2010 was so full of activity, and we
are going to try and summarize just what you did in contributing
through prayer, partnership, or involvement with Expression58. This
summary is about you! Read it personally, and if you were not
involved with the ministry, prayer, or the finances, just pretend
you were and get excited with us! Maybe you will consider
contributing as a year end gift or committing to our prayer base in
the coming year! Also, come visit LA and see us at one of our
services, seminars, or conferences.
In 2007 we started a missions base in Los Angeles with the
intention to bring the ministry components that we were already
doing (training Christians to be awesome and ministering to the
poor) together with a church family. We didn’t know what it was
going to look like, but we knew our core DNA- Love, Creativity, and
Justice. We believe this will bring a revival culture to the
culture capital of the world, so that we can export it everywhere.
In 2010 we began to work hard on developing a structure lead by a
pioneering visionary team that could make this dream happen. I am
proud to say that it is working because of our amazing people who
are involved in the community. It is a humble, but real beginning.
A ministry like ours relies on the activation of people that we
influence, and this was our first year of activating many areas,
both internally as well as training outside ministries and groups.
You helped us to:
1) Activate many different sub ministries in E58 including the
prophetic teams, outreach, intercession, business, operations,
missions, personal transformation (inner healing & life coaching),
2) You were involved in dozens of healing miracles that happened
all year long! One of my personal favorites is a testimony from a
young man who was visiting with his youth group. He was scheduled
to get his wisdom teeth extracted when he returned from their Los
Angeles youth trip, but God took them out in the meeting. He no
longer needed the surgery! For a youth that had never seen God move
in such a personal way, it was very powerful!
3) You were involved with our prophetic ministry that was raised up
around the region to minister to our community, pastors around the
city, business leaders, entertainers, and the poor. One of my
favorite stories is a well known celebrity who was afraid of God
because of a negative spiritual experience she had in a cult years
ago. However, when we went to her house to minister to her, the
presence of God came like tangible love and set her free from
anxiety, fear, and panic that had so gripped her, and now she is
off all medication and became a Christian!

4) You were involved with the healing and life coaching of LA
people who have huge destiny and have pursued great personal
breakthrough! We had over 30 of our people attend The River, a
sexual identity healing program, and many more go through our Sozo
and Inner Healing programs.
5) You were involved with groups that brought people together
relationally: home groups, core groups, focus groups, all building
people together in love for God and one another.
6) You are what birthed our messages on family. You were apart of
ending extreme injustice in the nations, awaking creativity, seeing
revival birthed in the entertainment industry, fathering in culture
and beyond, and simply loving well.
7) You were involved with missions around the world, partnering
with sending teams from LA and other groups like Bethel Church in
Redding to Congo, Kenya, and Thailand.
− The podcast started in 2010, and we now have 5000 people + a
month who follow our free weekly messages via itunes or other
podcast services.
− A communications staff was hired late in the year to begin
assembling articles, newsletters, artwork, and other forms of
communications for a new weekly update on all that is going on in
both our ministry at large, and our local community.
− Seminars: We did a Dream Intensive Seminar with Dale Shannon, two
Soaking In the Presence of God seminars with Aileen Foos, Revival
Tours around hot spots in LA, a life coaching seminar, and a
Kingdom Finance business meeting. Nichole Feeley also trained many
in Sozo inner healing.
− Regional Classes: We hosted two prophetic classes that had over
100 people trained in the prophetic from around the region lead by
Lorri Si and Shawn Bolz. There was also a Life Coaching Class with
Dale Shannon. We hosted a free Social Justice class lead by
Jennifer Toledo and Charity Marquis and Alison Andrik did a class
for sexually broken called “Hope and Healing”
− Outreaches: We co-sponsored a Thursday outreach called “Tread”
which is a prayer/evangelism outreach in different parts of our
city across denominations. We co-sponsored a large outreach in
MacArthur Park with Praise Chapel ministries where we did healing &
prophetic ministry in the park as well as Chiropractic adjustments
and dream interpretation. We lead various teams around the city
doing treasure hunts, prophetic evangelism, and servant evangelism.
Many of our people were involved with evangelism that happened
organically in the entertainment industry.
− Foster Care/Adoption Emphasis: We lead our regional community
into adoption/foster awareness programs and services so that we
could start to take off a bite sized piece of children at risk in
the region. Several people have adopted or are in process. Others
are fostering!
− Our team spoke at 14 different churches in the region in
trainings, conferences, or services. We love our region of the
greater Southern California area, and in 2011 we are going to get
even more involved!
− Locally Shawn Bolz spoke at over 20 places including churches,
three entertainment events, several conferences, three studios, and
at a rehab center. He also lead prayer meetings with his team in
clubs, studio lots, mansions, in a bar, and on the beach. He was
also able to pray with many entertainment industry people
one-on-one all year long from all around the world who were
visiting LA. The best stories just can’t be told, but they are
happening! We are raising up teams to multiply his efforts.
We have been directly partnering with Global Childrens Movement
( ) to raise up missionaries in red
zone areas like the Congo and Sudan war zones, places with high
amounts human trafficking, and areas with many children at risk
around the world. Expression58 raised a great start up missions
budget to begin projects like establishing schools in Congo where
no other organization would dare to go. We helped build a
children’s base in Kenya, and we are partnering with programs in
South America to set up a feeding program for children at risk, and
evangelize youth prisons in Ecuador. Cassandra Basnett, one of
E58’s missionaries, is leading the charge with a GCM team in Congo.
Their progress has caused us to realize that we are called to do
things we never thought we would. We are called to partner with
Cassandra to raise up missionaries who know that their destiny lies
in war zones!
We changed our leadership structure to empower more of our team,
and build a creative input and decision making structure. There is
nothing traditional about E58. Our leadership team consists of men
and women of all ages and ethnicities. We have changed from a top
down management style into an empowerment-based leadership. We have
been blessed to have several secular business consultants and
apostolic leadership teams guiding us all year long. We are excited
to have risen up 12 directors/managers (or pastors) who volunteer
to lead each of the core departments of the church and help them
multiply and become very accessible. Their goal is not to have the
department serve them, but to serve the department by partnering
with others in the city, sponsoring other people’s ministries, or
simply raising up their own ministry within the church. What does
this look like? Our personal transformation department is great
example of this. This department covers our counseling, inner
healing, and life coaching in the church. The department leader,
Nichole Feely, doesn’t just do her version of inner healing (which
is Sozo), she is also raising up a Sozo team, connecting our other
inner healing, counseling, and life coaches that attend
Expression58 to our community, making sure that there are all kinds
of opportunities to go to regional events for our community, and is
training other churches & ministries in inner healing. Each
department leader is the process of building their department in
this way. Our empowerment-based leadership structure is all about
raising up a team of people trying to accomplish the same goals,
but with their unique vision, expressions of ministry, and
influence or abilities.
It is going to be a year of activation for Expression58. We want to
activate champions in business, entertainment, the church, and to
the poor.
1) We will be hosting more training seminars locally. These
seminars will come under the title “Expression58 School of
Activation” and will eventually turn into an actual school program.
Next year we will be doing more trainings in social justice, the
prophetic, healing, business, entertainment, and more!
2) We are going to give people at large a way to become champions
of our E58 culture by becoming more of an official part of our
ministry whether they are local or abroad. We are going to launch a
program called E58 Vision Builders. We are raising up this program
for people who want to become members of our organization from
other churches, be more connected to our church, or even just
partner with us. It will not be a church membership in a
traditional sense, but an equipping to create a missional mindset
and a sense of belonging for people whether they are apart of e58
full time or not. This is also a great way for those who don’t live
in LA to be connected to our ministry in a more tangible way.
Churches that are looking for training, and entertainment groups
who want to carry our DNA into the industry will also get to be
apart of our Vision Builders program so that they may be connected
to us wherever they live.
3) We are going to be doing even more intentional leadership
development. Our leadership team is going to go through a year long
leadership development program through Global Legacy at Bethel
church. Our core team of leaders, who support all departments, are
going to get consistent training and equipping from the leadership
base and from outside guest trainers. We are doing things like
strengths training, personality assessments, vision development,
operational development, etc. for each department and then for the
overall structure.
4) We are going to be very intentional about communicating with you
about what we are doing, what is available, and where we will be.
We are going to create a brand new website (donors needed) as well
as send our team around the world on trips and conferences that
will give many more people practical experience for who we are and
how to get involved. We are also going to release more relevant
information through our mailing list.
THANK YOU FOR READING OUR REPORT! Its people like you who make this
ministry exciting and make partnering with heaven fun.

Stay tuned as we promise to report to you as much as we can from
E58 headquarters in Los Angeles, California!

Lots of love In Jesus
May your Holidays be filled with the joy of Jesus!

Shawn Bolz & The Expression58 Team




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