Blog About My New Book: Why I wrote It and also Sneek Peek at the Cover!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized


Shawn Bolz: Nonreligious Guide to Dating & Being Single <———– Click this link to see the PDF

As I write this I am sitting in my house almost finished with THE FINAL EDITS on my new book: The Nonreligious Guide to dating and being single. I know its radically different then my other two books, (and don’t worry fans of my supernatural lifestyle books I have some in the works) but I really felt it was time for me to put my award winning blog series into a book. Its gone through several versions and really took my good friend and editor, Sally Hanan, to rearrange it in such a way that there was the right flow.

As the graphics guru is finishing layout right now, I felt the relief that one more project is finally coming to full term and it gives me a lot of hope for the next year. I am always a high dreamer but it takes so much work to achieve each project that I sometimes give up on something I am working on and move on before I push it all the way out the door. Last year I was determined not to do this again so I just dedicated to the projects I was focused on and this is one of the public first fruits.

Why a dating book? Because I am single and when I wrote the blog series that inspired this book it had hundreds of thousands of hits (I was told millions by MySpace but I can’t prove it because my blog crashed their servers in the early days of their development of blogs) and I still get Christians from all over the world who just haven’t felt the right amount of freedom in their relationship or single pursuit. In some ways I wrote it because it answers a lot of questions that come to me in emails, phone calls, and in person 

When you search in google the word Christian +1 more word, the most popular search term added to Christian is dating. That means that there are millions of people searching for information on what God thinks about relationships. There are some great books out there on relationships (I am not going to reference any here) but for the most part the market is barren. 1 book a year or so on dating when it is such a hot topic is ridiculous.

When I let several Christian publishers read my book they loved it but said it was quote : “Too Edgy” and needed to be changed a little if I was going to publish through them. Probably because in the book I make so many popular culture references, poke fun at body parts, talk candidly about sex, and call my book what I really wanted to name it : Shawn’s Kick Butt Guide to Dating.

So we didn’t want to change the content so we are self publishing this book digitally first and then a full release for Valentines Day.

I really need your help when it starts to come out to comment about it, review it wherever you bought it online, to facebook about it, and to even leave me feedback about it.

When you are releasing a project like this you hope it will do good because it is vulnerable and part of you. I think the quality of the project is superb though, so I have high expectations. 

Also if any of you have ideas on places to post about the book, if you are involved in dating forums or chat rooms, or you have websites and you would carry our banner that would be amazingly helpful. The book comes out before the end of the week so we can get you all the info by then.

So, heres to 2011 and projects coming about! I hope you get inspired to create too! We need your perspective on the Earth!

You can visit the website of the book even though its not ready for digital download:

  1. bruce nahin says:

    Everyone here, I have tweeted about the book and hope you will too to generate as much interest as possible, blessings for a wonderful new year

  2. Sam Alec says:

    LOL This is great
    oh and the cultural reference of put a ring on it is priceless- if only you could have fit we’re the dancers in somewhere (SNL skit) will pass the word around IHOP I think there are many who will love it!

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