Pioneer Blog #8 Its time to Interact…taking all questions

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Pioneer Blog

So I was writing the next installment for the pioneer blog last week and realized I am not entirely sure who is reading this and what you would ask or give feedback for. When I released my first blog series it was through a very active community of bloggers, but when I switched to wordpress and facebook it has been more sporadic.

Your Face here:

So here is what I would love to know: What would you ask a fellow pioneer? Maybe we can get some group dialogue going on the subject. I will be taking questions all week either through the comment system on wordpress or facebook or direct to email ( and this will help me to form what is to come. In the mean time I am releasing another pioneer blog soon.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Shawn Bolz

  1. Jeannie M. Castaneda says:

    OK Mr. Preacher Man,
    Sign me up and lets see what crazy ideas I have to contribute to the group!
    Ha ha ;). Have a wonderful and blessed ‘love’ day.
    Jeannie C.

  2. Jen Johnston says:

    Well, I don’t believe I have ever been on your pioneering blog before or read any of your posts…so I don’t know what you’ve written about. So here are my 5 questions…haha

    1) What about pioneering do you find personally rewarding? Since pioneers typically find themselves moving onto the next frontier after a project is up and going really well, sticking around and enjoying the fruit of all the labor, sweat and tears isn’t really part of the deal. Or at least that has been the case for us now after 4-5 major “projects” we’ve pioneered…both business- and ministry-related.

    2) How do you balance living a life of faith (financially speaking) with planning for the future and being a wise steward of your resources?

    3) Have you ever felt like you failed a pioneering “assignment?” If so, how did you move on from that point?

    4) How do you manage being largely misunderstood by well-meaning relatives and friends who feel that your pioneering lifestyle is irresponsible?

    5) As a hypothetical situation…what would you do if, after 15 years of nothing but pioneering, you were suddenly in a place of not pioneering anything at all? How would you spend your time? How would this affect you and your God-given identity as a pioneer?

  3. Barbara says:

    I’ve had the great fortune to be around a lot of pioneers. Somehow, I still feel vastly different from each and every one of them. I know we’re all unique, but the commonality among the pioneers I’ve been around is a life of purpose. Beyond that… not much else is the same. Do others find this to be true? Do you?

  4. Sally Hanan says:

    What do you think of the notion of waiting for God to move v. making things happen? Sometimes pioneers can be very impatient and make rash moves, hearing from their emotional pit rather than the Holy Spirit, but doesn’t a lot of pioneering depend on waiting for others to move first?

    • Jen Johnston says:

      Oh, that is an excellent question, Sally! We just went through something like this. The other couple we had teamed up with on a major project pulled out because they got discouraged and lost patience with the process. Then the whole thing fell apart. Whether that was God’s plan or man messing up God’s plan, I don’t know. I just know He’s sovereign. 🙂 Everything we’ve been a part of has always taken MUCH LONGER than we originally anticipated! You can’t learn the lessons from those times in school.

      I know you weren’t asking me, but it struck a chord, so…hope you don’t mind.

      • Sally Hanan says:

        [I know you weren’t asking me, but it struck a chord, so…hope you don’t mind.]

        Heck no! 🙂 I’m very project oriented, so many times it’s hard for me to know which projects are God’s and which are my own. He’s been silent on many of them and I’ve jumped into gear, assuming his silence means “Do what you want,” so my results are mixed. Like your latest story, some projects fall apart. Does this mean I should have waited? Does it mean I should have done nothing until I heard an audible voice (sort of)?

  5. Maxwell says:

    We are part of a new work and have been reading your pioneer blog and have gotten much wisdom from this, thank you for writing these!

    How do you sustain a revival culture when there is so much to do and so little help in building?

    How do you keep yourselves encouraged and faith-filled when you pray and things do not manifest even though we know we have been sent, are listening intently, etc.?

    Thank you again for posting these they have been really encouraging to us.

  6. Jeannie M. Castaneda says:

    Sally and Jen,
    WOW!! The both of you have wonderful questions and comments!! If I may piggy-back on them. The ONE thing I have always drilled our Master on is the issue of ‘free will’ as it fits in with the ‘timing’ of God-when do we make a move, how do we make the move, it this Your timing Father, is this You?, etc….After years of trying to figure out the Trinity, Holy Spirit finally told me to stop trying to figure Him out and just ‘BE’ and move in faith. Oh, that’s great-what does that look like???? 😉
    I believe where the rubber meets the road is that pioneers MUST live and operate in total faith. When fear creeps in, kill it ASAP!!! Not being ignorate and dumb but wise and pratical like Jesus was. In my own life, I have waited on things to manifest, operating in faith, and other people, due to their own fears and desires, have chosen their own ways and their choices have affected me (delayed blessings). Sound familiar-the children of Israel being delayed in the desert due to other peoples decisions. Because we are all drafted into the family of God under the Abrahamic covenant and we all need each other, that whenever you’re dealing with human beings and free will, there will always be miracles that are on time and delayed. At the end of the day, there are times that we must make decisions when the window of opportunity is open. We are responsible for our own actions not others. If they choose to not make a move, that’s their loss not mine. That is why it is imperative that we know what time it.
    I believe it’s a mystery we will never understand in this life. Therefore, we must continue moving forward knowing in our being that whatever choices people make that God’s will will be established and that He will make right when wrong is present.
    Yes, I am a rookie at this blogging thing so I hope I’m doing it correctly. I love all the comments and questions in our little group. How blessed am I to be connected with ya’ll.
    I love all of you very much
    1 Cor 13:13

  7. Mary says:

    You rock, Shawn! I so appreciate how you value loving people well.

    How do you respond when people (friends, advocates, and your ministry subjects, I mean, not strangers or people out to get you) misunderstand the work you do? Like if they begin to idolize the prophetic, or you. Or if they get offended/hurt at the boundaries you enforce (time, emotional, etc.). Or the infinite number of other ways people can misunderstand your work, goals, intentions, etc. 🙂

    How do you deal with such things in your heart, and how do you try to redirect people? The last one is tough to answer so generally, I bet, but maybe you could give examples of how you responded to people in specific situations that come to mind?

    Thanks so much! Pioneer on!

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