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So last week we had a high point where everything seemed to be lining up perfectly. The reports have been amazing lately. The majority of our team had good stories and are beginning to communicate satisfaction in pioneering even if they have lots of vision for what needs to change and happen. On top of that my happiness level was at a great high personally, and my dog didn’t die of cancer after all and they couldn’t find it in his system anymore….life felt right.

Then this week happened….I got sick, I got hit up by the IRS and still have to figure it out, a great potential building worked right out of our hands, different team went through some hard circumstances that took them out for a few day, a few departments had major transition which means they will be in maintenance mode again or not building at all….it so funny what can happen from week to week, month to month for pioneers at their beginnings.

“Its going to be worth it…..” I chanted to myself almost laughing at how last week I was shouting in my heart “It is SOOOO WORTH IT!” and this week I have to convince my emotional desire to believe even though my spiritual faith is there.



So you have a vision and some implementation but at some point in your beginning phase things will work against you. Sometimes it will all be in the emotional realm or with relationships. Sometimes it will all be circumstantial. Other times it may even be a perfect storm hitting against everything in your life at once….and that is when you will want to pack your imaginary UHAUL in your head and move somewhere that is already established where everything you want to do is already working.

Inevitably what you envisioned your life to be like and whatever you have a pioneering spirit driving you for will be disappointed on some level. These disappointments are one of the most powerful vehicles for you to reassess your priorities, your commitment, the importance of your mission and operations, and even realign relationships. Your going to go through periods of asking yourself why you are doing what you are doing and you know what? Those will be make it or break it moments in your life. PS this doesn’t have to be filled with drama but it will happen on some level you just might be smarter then others, or have more tools to deal with it.

SIDE NOTE FOR A SEC: For those of you who can not go on doing what you were so passionate about earlier in your story and you are now stopping your ministry, business, entertainment career, etc: Sometimes you have to completely change everything and you don’t have to look at it as giving up, you can also see it as moving into a new position because ultimately what you do is not who you are. You do not have to let what you are leaving behind define what you are capable of in the future. In other words sometimes there are necessary losses. Look at millionaires…so many lose everything before they have their greatest break throughs. Sometimes in paying a price and letting things go you can start something that is so powerful and right. Off of that subject back to the blog:

For those of you who know you have to press on and forward like me in LA, this means that sometimes you are going to be challenged in your resolve because some of the big pieces (or all of them when you are starting) are not coming together. There will always be challenges and there will always be people who are staring something right next to you that are succeeding in such a way that makes you feel stupid about how some basic things aren’t working for you but you know what? The big picture is worth it!

One thing that could be helpful is to find an organization you really respect that has been established for over 10 years that is doing the same types of things you are trying to do and ask someone on their main team what their first 3-5 years was like in the areas you are struggling with. You will hear stories that will shock you that they kept going because you know what? Anything worth doing is not easy.

Quick journaling questions : Set your expectations for yourself. What are you looking for to happen? What is realistic? How do you do course correction when you need to so that you don’t get hopeless but can still keep building towards your goals and vision?

I will be releasing part 2 of this as well this week its about how to live with others expectations and disappointments…..until then my friends!

Shawn Bolz


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  1. Joshua Monen says:

    Thanks for the post Shawn. I know what you mean about the emotional highs and lows when it comes to starting something new. I’m preparing to leave the rat race (my job in corporate America) to start doing work that I love and am passionate about. One week I’m so sure this is the right thing to do. I feel confident that it’s the right season and I see all the pieces coming together! Then some challenging things happen and I start to wonder..what am I doing and who do I think I am?

    And I like what you said about apparent failures really being a step in the right direction. I do have a question for you: how do you know when it’s time to “throw in the towel” on a new venture and when it’s time to press on? For the pioneering types I can see how easy it would be to, “hold on until the bitter end,” when perhaps sometimes it’s better to move on.

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