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I am going to write into the prophecies that have been going around from Rick Joyner and Bob Jones and I know this is very sensitive for many of you. I know the prophecies about California and the west coast having an Earthquake and nuclear melt down are all the buzz right now especially for those of you who received the most recent transcript from Bob Jones to the korean community last night which was very strong. I love Rick Joyner and I adore Bob Jones, but I want to give a different perspective. They are mature and can handle the fact that I am going to give an alternate view (and I welcome their feedback). Obviously you all need to pray and decide if you are supposed to stay on the West Coast or not, but for me it is a very easy decision, I have already heard God and therefore if something big does happen then I will be here for it.

I have never heard Bob so adamant about words before,he has actually told people to move away from California and the west coast. This is bolder then I have ever heard him on prophetic words. I felt I needed to address our stance on it.

I also know how many times his words have been misunderstood or didn’t have full interpretations or even full revelation. Prophets see in part, that is why it is helpful when 2 or 3 of them have these words so that you get a more full interpretation. One series of words Bob got was in the 1980s. He saw rioting would break out in the streets of Los Angeles, and that there would be a curfew and that people would die in the streets. He called them race riots and he said that it would be so dangerous in the streets that people wouldn’t leave their houses and that corporal punishment would be threatened. As we know this happened strongly, but not as strongly as the word put fear into people. The riots affected about 3 neighborhoods it was around 16 blocks, and about 40,000-200,000 people living or working in those areas were affected by the actual riots. This was not a city devastation that Christians in LA were planning for based on the word, as a matter of fact people in Sherman Oaks or Malibu never were affected by any of it except the sadness of the actual issue. There are 18 million here, and less then 200,000 were affected but the word felt like everyone could be doomed by the issue and the apocalypse was coming. I am not saying that was Bob’s intention but because we are still learning how to give and receive words, there is much bad interpretation and little to no activation on what to do. Again not Bob’s fault but it can show you that the prophetic really needs stewardship.

Another thing to note about that particular word was when Bob gave that word he was in Orange County prophesying like it was LA, so even the church in Orange County was very scared for themselves and yet nothing happened even remotely close to them.

About the Earthquake and Nuclear fallout: God has not been speaking to anyone I know in California about this theme for now. No one IN California or the west coast is getting these words on a level to suggest to people to actually move away. I am not trying to create a waring perspective between the west coast and east coast prophets but consider this:

Rick Joyner and Bob Jones don’t have a deep love for California and think it is a place where too much evil happens. Both of them have had little to no good prophecy for California. The problem with that is what if a Muslim got saved from the middle east and started prophesying disaster over Israel? Would we listen even if they were accurate everywhere else? I think God would rather use Israelis to prophecy about their future or America or someone who loves them.

If I began to prophecy over Fort Mills where Rick Joyner is from that there was a Tsunami coming and they should move, he would know because of what God has planted there for his movement that he would have to address the words. I know Rick enough to know that he would not stand for fear or for misinterpretation of possibilities to drive out the awesome thing they are believing for. It is the same for me, I am not debunking Rick or Bob but I am judging their words and want to say a few things about them.

1) These words are not promises from God but they are warnings. Bob Jones gave a warning several years ago about a Tsunami in LA hitting in 2010. There was not one, but in the natural we had the State prepare for one and put up Tsunami signs. Over 70 believers here that I know began to have dreams about Tsunamis and most of them hadn’t heard Bob’s word. We began to pray and there was State wide prayer organized by several different organizations and the Tsunami didn’t come. Praise God!

2) Words from God should not cause mass panic and fear but perspective and hope: You can’t tell people by the millions to move away without strategy…this is just foolish. If God was really giving us a perspective of mercy to move away because some big devastation was going to happen, then we should have a clearer directive then “Move away nuclear power is going to wipe you out probably in 6 months.” Bob’s most recent words were to move away by September 2011. What we can do with this is ask God together on the west coast for strategy. What SHOULD we do besides prayer? Maybe nothing, maybe something. When has anything terrible been unavoidable in the whole New Testament?

3) Words from God should carry clear instruction: When Agabus prophesied a drought in Acts, it was so that the believers were ready and could store up enough food (not just for them but for their small region). This drought effected less then 100,000 people and they were completely prepared with strategy and understanding on what to do. The words Bob gave were not clear and had no apostolic preparation. That means that the clearest way to respond is still intercession or moving. Those are the only two choices we were given by him.

3) God always has an army in the hardest places: Those of you who know you are supposed to be here, you are the army of the Kingdom who can help if something terrible does happen. That means you get to do relief and restoration and there is nothing like seeing the Kingdom move when there is so much need! Its amazing. I have done relief for over 20 years off and on, and God just shows up in the most beautiful way. Its a good time to do disaster preparedness and learn what is available in your city.

4) Other prophecies by Bob Jones: One word that Bob gave our friends just last year (and then repeated to us) is that the angel Uriel was standing over the plates in California with one foot on each side and holding them together and as long as the church would keep praying in God’s purposes we would be safe and he would hold them together. I don’t know what to do when he just gave that word and is now prophesying about the earthquake but I like the visitation of the angel better then the potential earthquake so we are praying with that.

I am not scared and I don’t feel I need to heed their warnings to move except to pray my guts out but I love them. Everyone has to decide for themselves. Again these are not promises from God they are potentials. We are Christians and we have to exercise power over the storms.

Also I am not rejecting Bob or Rick over my perspective nor am I saying they are wrong. I am just trying to give more perspective so we can be smarter in how we receive their words and what we do about what they are saying. We have to get a lot more intellegent about how we listen.

In Jesus

Shawn Bolz

Expression58 (

my new Dating book is out:

Helpful questions to pray through for yourself:

I have heard the words about disaster coming to the west coast, is moving an option for me?

Do I know how to be prepared in a disaster?

Since part of the prophecy is about nuclear leak do I live anywhere near a nuclear facility and am I prepared with nuclear relief supplies if I am?

What is our cities plan of evacuation and does my whole family know?

What is the current best earthquake proof plan for my property, for my workplace, for my childs school?

How can our church pray into what God is doing (not just focusing on the possible natural disaster that was prophesied)

  1. Kathryn L Ellis says:

    Shawn, I felt in Feb. before Japan hit that an earthquake would hit the West Coast. I did not know the words that Rick Joyner or Bob Jones said. I just know about the words that John Paul Jackson as given about “The Perfect Storm”, which are a lot a like. I know this you have to do what is best for you and your ministry team and hear God. I know when a lot of people left Cali for Texas when the economy dropped. I am not saying you or others do the same. Just each has to hear God and walk in obedience and not fear. Thus, having peace “the potting soil of revelation” and walk by faith, then hear clearly what to do about about the words on a personal level. I pray for those called there for protection and wisdom what to do to prepare “if” it comes.
    The one thing I don’t understand is the everyone is talking Earthquakes but no one is talking about the Drought hitting the Southern Plain States now! Wake up Church! This the bread basket of America and we are on the verge of a Dust Bowl II if we don’t pray for rain. I was watching a film about the Dust Bowl in March in class and felt we are close to having another soon if we don’t get rain. I don’t think you have experienced Texas in Summer or seen any of the drought in ’81 but I do I remember as a kid going to the lake and the shore was 20 feet away from the dock. I heard Stacy Campbell talk about a world famine…well the bread basket of American feeds the world. What if it that region was in drought!?!?! Then we have issues around the world with food. I have prayed and prayed for right only a get a slight amount or it hits other states and by passes the the normal pattern of rain fall and totally by pass the places that is normally tornado session and thunderstorms. Sorry so long, everyone needs to focus on the now than what could be…I love everyone but the church needs to pray for the drought and stand up like Elijah. I have prayed my guts for rain, because it effects the rest of the Church and the world, thus the church needs to be serious about this issue. I know this pray that the weather patterns return to normal and gives some serious rain.

  2. Danielle Goll says:

    Thank you Shawn! This is very much appreciated.

  3. Janice says:

    Thanks Shawn for the perspective. I don’t normally comment but I felt compelled. God really loves the people in California and on the west coast. He is doing something so unique there. Even before the unrest in the earth so many are not for Calli.

  4. kathryn says:

    “We have to get a lot more intellegent about how we listen.”

    Finally a voice of reason. I agree with you fully and am glad you published this. A body focused on Christ is infinitly more affective than a body focused on prophetic word after word. They have their place, but can also be very distracting and counter to God’s plans when interpreted wrongly or followed blindly.
    Good job.

  5. Robynn King says:

    Hi Shawn

    I don’t live in LA but I think this piece has alot of relevance for all Christians across the globe. God has given us a mandate for where we find ourselves and we need to ensure that we don’t allow fear to rob us of our inheritance in that place, which includes the glory God will get in the relief effort.

    As I’m sure you agree, people are suffering everyday and Jesus can be lifted up in our lives everyday by the way we respond.

    Robynn King
    Cape Town, South Africa

  6. Revelation 2:5 says:

    I believe the safest place on earth is to be in the will of the Father.

    Praying with you for wisdom and understanding to be released in this hour. May the Lord arise upon you and His Glory be seen.

    Love and prayers from a sister in Christ from the East Coast.

  7. bruce nahin says:

    From where I stand, or literally sit, the San Andrea fault is directly below me . The Antelope Valley is the fault line… I am also under the cover of the Pastors of Expression 58 and in full support of you Shawn-and remain convinced that we as believers are to trust in the lord and not be anxious but rather should remain in prayer and be available to help our fellowmen should tragedy strike- not flee in panic to avoid it…

  8. Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for your perspective. I agree with you entirely. As you know, we are in Orange County because God called us to contend for revival in OC and California. We will continue the work God has called us to until we see His promises come to fulfillment. I believe all the shakings around the world is in preparation of His glory (Haggai 2). Although we should do our best to prepare ourselves for any disasters, we should not leave California out of fear. I also believe that even if disasters happen, God will protect and even raise up those who are in His will. These are the finest moments for the Church to arise and shine!

  9. Teri Johnson says:

    Dear Shawn,
    What a breath of much needed fresh air!
    No guts no Glory!!!!!!
    and you have the guts to speak the Truth in LOVE
    Papa’s smile on this honoring perspective you released
    Kingdom principle what ever we focus on grows….BIG BIG GOD!
    You get a kaz-zillion gold stars!!!!!!
    Teri Johnson

  10. Rachel Peterson says:

    Rick’s first video came out and we had just begun a plan for Spring break, so as usual God has us do the opposite of panic. We drove the I-5 corridor both ways, from Washington almost to Mexico. Praying over the whole area. And 4 days in my particular “Mecca”, Disneyland, a place of great spiritual anointing and creativity. Praying for the great revival that needs to begin so that the harvest can happen. The rest just feels like signs that the freezeframe of the last years has ended and the earth is moving again and so is Abba!
    Thanks for your words, I’d love to do Disneyland with you. Blessings!

  11. Doug Addison says:

    Great perspective and balance Shawn. I spoke something similar on my webcast the other night. Bob has told me in the past that he did not know the timing, 1 day or 100 years. I feel strongly to stay in CA and God has spoken to me that Christian need to grasp the “passover” principle. God will allow bad things to passover us if we listen to His voice. We are going to see some amazing things in California!

  12. Tyler says:

    Shawn, great word. Loved the boldness of this letter, the truth of it, and the honor you bestow on other prophets in the midst of it. Love you dude.

  13. I missed you when you were at Bethel Atlanta the other week but I really appreciate your perspective. It’s not foolish but balanced. It’s full of faith and not fear and that is the way Kings should respond. I love Rick and Bob as well but admittedly I tire of similar prophecies I’ve been hearing across the South in general. They come across as quite powerless in my opinion. Very “let’s just sit and watch it happen.” Akin to Haiti- If in the fact the earth is groaning and travailing its for people like you to take a stand and manifest as a true son of God and say “not on my watch!” That’s what stewardship is all about. Hold it down Shawn Bolz! Praying with you!!!

    Yvette Broughton

  14. I really appreciate this perspective Shawn. Two thoughts:

    You mentioned that there is no prophecy of something horrible in the NT that was not avoidable. From my perspective, Jesus’ prophecy in Matt. 24 was fulfilled in 70 AD and it was unavoidable that point. He did tell them to leave the city in the prophecy. Furthermore, the Book of Revelation has very intense prophecies of judgment that are unavoidable. Sometimes, this kind of basic biblical oversight is just makes one appear less credible, as if some of your opinions are more based on human sentiment than the reality as revealed through the prophetic scriptures.

    Second, it seems to me that it is a bit of sweeping judgment to say that Rick and Bob do not love California. This may be true, but can you really see a man’s heart? To prophecy judgment is not synonymous with a lack of love. When these kind of statements are made, it once again brings these kind of discussions into the realm of attacking one another rather than judging prophecy.

    Having said that, I really do appreciate your perspective. In the synergy of the prophetic voices we can get prophetic and apostolic clarity. We are here on the east coast praying our hearts out for you guys. This may be California’s greatest hour. Some may be called to leave, but others may be called to stay. Others, may be called to go to Cali from other states! So, thanks.

    • Just to clarify my comment, lest it be more negative than I intended, I really appreciate the sensitivity and insight of your post! I actually have close friends that are planning moving into CA from other states and Rick and Bob’s words have actually strengthened their resolve! CA has historically been the center of awakening and revival for our entire nation. Seems like the stage is being set for great awakening in CA again. I appreciate your courage and Rick and Bob’s courage as well. Well done!

    • Brent says:


      Nice points. However Jesus could prophecy this…He was Jesus no? He needs no oversight and his words are always 100% accurate. As far as the unavoidable judgments to come – God is the one doing the judging not the prophets.

      As for Rick and Bob, I love them both and totally honor them to the highest level. However, ‘Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said.’ Regardless of rank and file.

      We aren’t weighing Bob and Rick…just ‘what is said’. No attacks here.

  15. Heather says:

    WOW! Thank you so much Jon. I have always had huge problems with those types of words. I too love Bob Jones & Rick Joyner, but this sort of thing has never flown with me. ever.

  16. Steve Kang says:

    I agree as well that we must stay and bear our cross, no matter how big or small a natural disaster can be. In SoCal there are many more Christians, and I believe God will use as many as respond to His call for the greatest harvest ever, yes in SoCal as well! If Christians leave, who will save the lost during the crises???

  17. Joyce says:

    Thank you. What I appreciate most is that someone has been around long enough to remember these old prophecies and which have come true and which haven’t. Apparently you are a walking archive.
    We hear all the time that “I predicted this a long time ago and now it happened”. But we never see any proof.
    We need an archivist. We just have to take peoples’ word all the time that “we predicted” all these things.

    Not to change the subject and start a war, but I believe also that the waving of hands in a healing meeting means very little. Healers should wait until 3 months before declaring someone healed. I don’t even watch revivals any more because of this. Oh my look at all the people waving their hand tonight who got healed.

  18. Brent says:


    Words well chosen! Gotta love Bob and Rick…sincerely. However, ‘Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said.’ Regardless of rank and file.

    We aren’t weighing Bob and Rick…just ‘what is said’.

    I don’t consider myself a prophet but I had a major ‘northwest pacific’ tsunami dream about 1 week before the event. I feel sickened now that I didn’t immediately start praying against it.

    My brother, sister-in-law and little nephew live in San Diego…so if get another dream I’ll certainly give you heads up! I just don’t believe God would tell me about Japan/Hawaii and not my own immediate family.

    Who Knows? Good Web Blog!!!!

  19. Ellen Zittinger says:

    I have been following Rick Joyners updates and he sounds reasonable and calm. Since I have lived here most of my life and my kids and grandkids are here, no reason for me to leave, unless they would. It’s a great time to be prepared. I am working on it. Pastor Jack Hayford always told us as a congregation to be prepared with enough to share! Now I go to Bob Beckets Dwelling Place. I went through the Sylmar Quake and the Northridge Quake. Although I wasn’t prepared God brought us through wonderfully and I have not lived in fear. I know about damage to home, no utilities and water. But I had a friend close by (about 5 miles) and I drove there for refuge and she had water, light and a comfy bed for me and my kids! What a blessing! It says in the Word, that though the earth tremble and the mountains shake in the heart of the sea, The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Although I lost my home in foreclosure a while ago, I pray that he will allow me to be a place of refuge for others, in the same way I experienced it in the Northridge earthquake!

  20. prophet of tone says:

    Really,really wisdom from th Lord you received here Shawn. If just 100 churches would take your words on “stewarding the prophetic” here and frame them,then put it on the walls of their conference rooms where leaders meet and pray and read it aloud before they start,I guarantee that it would shift the entire thrust of what they pray and how they would ultimately respond.
    So, thanks be to God that Jesus has not only been made unto us wisdom but also makes a way for us to use His wisdom practically as well!

  21. A very sound rationale, Shawn!
    As you, my apparent calling to Hollywood and the area obviates any such word — this sentiment is shared by most in The Gathering Place, as well…
    A good, corroborating word that you’ve probably read yourself:

  22. Gini says:

    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks so much for your honesty and insight. All the big name prophets and “mega” prophecies often start to feel like a three ring circus to me. I’ve seen many of my church friends chasing this one and when it doesn’t come to pass, hook on to the next and off they go. I move in the prophetic when the Lord is pleased to use me that way. And I have gone back and apologized for wrong words that I have given. I think the nationally recognized prophets might want to do the same. It would certainly boost their credibility. And since we all depend on the blood of Jesus as our righteousness, admitting a mistake should be received well.

    We were called to L.A. a couple of years ago. God loves Ca.


  23. Larry Olson says:

    This underlines the general lack of accuracy and reliability in the current prophetic stream. None of the words of Samuel fell to the ground, and when God raises up prophets of such caliber, maybe people will be more willing to listen.

    Where is the Lord God of Elijah!!!

  24. shawnbolz says:

    Hi Terry,

    I am censoring the apologeticsindex because that website is so toxic and arrogant. Although some of it is just reporting the spin it puts on people that are in my life is not something I want to promote in a link on my blog.

  25. David Swander says:

    Hi Shawn, thank you for standing for what God is going to do in California, and looking for it! I have grown up in California, and still live here, and have heard prohpets my entire life come through or prophesy from afar it’s destruction. By now, we were supposed to have had an earthquake and have fallen into the ocean. But we’re still here, and God has a purpose!

    This may sound strong, but I would prefer that the people of God either shut their mouths, or prophesy the redemptive heart of God, and call forth the move of His Kingdom here on the earth. I believe there are times when people, because of the authority they carry, can speak storms and catastrophies into existence (the feeling I get from Bob and Rick). And frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing those words because, not only are they not the heart of God, or His perfect will and intent towards us, it can be destructive! I pray that one day, all of us will get God’s heart so clearly that we will speak His will with one voice instead of some crying destruction, and others praying against the very destruction that is being spoken.

    In any case, I will continue to stand at my post, and call forth for God’s presence and Kingdom to be made manifest here in California as it is in Heaven. And thank you again for giving an alternate perspective Shawn!

  26. Rebecca Zondervon says:

    Ho! this is great ~ so, who can we blame for the bad tornado’s yesterday … I mean, what prophet spoke those things to come down here? Quoting: “I believe there are times when people, because of the authority they carry, can speak storms and catastrophies into existence (the feeling I get from Bob and Rick).”

    Oh my GOD!

    Actually, in that case, you can blame Jesus for speaking the storms into existance when He prophetically declared in His foreknowledge that there would be “earthquakes in divers places” A wise person, upon reading those words, might have asked “When is this to be Lord?” Or “what am I to do to prepare?” Or “why are You telling us this, Lord?” Or “Is this the time You are speaking of,Written Word?”

    Jesus spoke those words so that, when those things came to pass, people might know where they are standing in Gods timeline. A prophet who speaks a word of warning is NOT negative … sorry for those who only like lollipop Christianity … sometimes Gods people are asleep and need to get woke up out of their slumber so that when the trouble comes they will be prepared for it. When you are prepared for something you deal with it better than when you are not prepared. Like, if you study for a test you do better than if you just walk in without opening the book. Same thing.

    I feel so sad that God’s people are spending more time throwing stones than seeking the Heart of the Father.

    I bet it hurts Him.

  27. Shawna says:

    Thank you for this great perspective. I appreciate the shepherding of these words. Thank you for your love for CA & commitment to hope!

  28. Rachel Yoon says:

    Great perspective. Thanks!

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