Popular author and engaging motivational speaker Shawn Bolz takes his perspective and throws it into an exciting fun blog. Part popular culture, part Christian inspiration but not limited to either, Shawn opens up a whole lot of cans of worms and what comes out is enlightening, funny, and warm.

Note from Shawn:

Welcome to my blog page where you will find views and creative writings on a variety of subjects. Check out my old award-winning dating blogs, or my pioneering blogs for Christians who are starting a church, or just read one of my random comedy blogs like Internet Friendz. Because it will be off the cuff, I will not have as many edits as I need but lets just have fun. I also use facebook like crazy! Find me there at www.facebook.com/shawnbolz

  1. Kenny Ocasio says:

    Hey Shawn. Thank you for doing what you do. I’m over in Pennsylvania and i enjoy listening to your messages. You have ministered to me in ways you couldn’t imagine. thanks

  2. I enjoy reading your stuff, and repost it on my



    How’s Max??

    Love and blessings,

  3. Marcee says:

    I admit it … I am female and read the blog and nothing took me off guard or surprised me. the one word and concept that perhaps could use more development is the word SHAME. WHen you spoke of 1 in 4 women have been molested and that that messes up standard setting…the word SHAME jumped out. As an educator and educational administrator of teens and a single mom of a teenager and a woman raised in the 1970’s I waasa taught to roar, stand up for myself, dont take no for an answer but to take on the identity of shame. I almost wonder is shame a cultural state of mind? How the enemy uses shame against us, and as you said Shawn opens up a load of personal, spiritual and emotional limitations. But as a 50 year old single woman it is what I know … rather than have victory over it, I have learned to tune it out.

  4. framytangel says:

    Hello Shawn, my name is Framy from Jakarta-Indonesia…
    I’m so surprise when I found your blog…
    And…yes.. I read your book: Key To Heaven’s Economy (an Angelic Visitation from The Minister of Finance)…
    When you come to my country to preach?

  5. Irene Wright says:

    Well I have to state the obvious, first, your gorgeous! And very interesting, I dont know how to explain how you made me feel listening to you, but I did have to hit the internet and download more of you after the program i watched! Thank you and Love, Love, Love to you and your staff…..

  6. Marta says:

    Loved the Friendz blog and pictures are Great!

  7. Your message heaven’s economies blessed me greatly am inspired. God bless you and keep using you greatly

  8. Hi shawn, like reading your stuff man.
    just out of curiousity,did you talk to bob before posting the about his prophecy?
    i mean he is your friend.
    thanks alot on that

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