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I got married to the love of my life….

So Cherie and I got home from our honeymoon and we settled into our little house in Glendale Hills. I don’t know how I did life alone for so long. Marriage is a wonderful thing that brings a different life then singleness. I loved my single years so much so I am in no way discounting the impact of my single life, but this season, this year everything changed.

2 became 1.

I am enjoying who she is, who I am with her, and who God is in us. Its a pretty magical (in the Disney sense) time. Even though I had a full amazing life before her I can not remember life without her. I love how it feels to do every day and every moment with someone else. Its a sacrifice but not a hardship.

I believe that God is bringing many people together but more then that I believe its because many people have been making themselves ready for the change. Cherie and I would have been miserable if we both hadn’t been on such a deep journey of personal transformation before we met each other. Its been a perfect combo because even when we struggle we love to see what we can change and how we can get new skills or creativity to do things better. I believe when you feel empowered relationships don’t have to cause more pain then they bring life.

So we are in love and married and ready for the new life, the life I can’t remember anything before. I highly recommend doing life with somebody.



So yesterday I was bombarded by good meaning people (including my mother) who are responding to Jim Berkland who is an Earthquake expert who is predicting another quake here on the west coast (most likely LA) in the next week or so.

I love our family and our crew of friends. Its important that you hear my perspective on these types of issues if you are involved with us because it will help you know how my heart relates to disaster and crises.

I think this is timely information and it is good for us to be aware so we can be prepared but I have a few observations:

1) Humanity was never supposed to experience these disasters so its impossible to be completely prepared for them. Meaning: The Earth was never meant to groan and be dysfunctional but because of the fall it has been a mess. There are whole camps of Christians who overly prepare and have an inordinate focus on this preparation. No one predicted on time the New Orleans Hurricane or the Japan Earthquake….they happened. Preparedness is very important but it can’t be at the expense of peace.

2) The sources (whether prophetic or natural) of prediction are mostly wrong. Jim Berkland (who is the lastest source for the Earthquake in America) has tried to predict Earthquakes for decades and was right within 4 days of the San Francisco quake but that’s because his group has reported the possibility of over 200 Earthquakes…eventually you will get it right even if the public doesn’t look at the hundreds that did not happen. I applaud his efforts because seismology is such an unpredictable field, but the way the media has ran with this is ridiculous.

3) Christians are amazing in the days of adversity because we can move in the compassion of God and care for people that we would normally want to run from or cities we would rather escape from. The modern examples are profound: Haiti, New Orleans, and now Japan, etc have their best relief efforts from Christians. We have been involved in disaster relief, red zone missions, war zone missions, etc and you see Jesus on another whole level when you participate with Heavens solution to these terrible disasters and wars. Just like Doctors in Emergency rooms kick into another gear, Christians have the Spirit of God inside of them and if they are participating with Him they will find themselves capable of amazing heart attitudes and abilities during trauma. Christians who teach that we are to hide away or horde in those days of adversity and trial have a limited theology on the nature of Jesus who came to bring His government of peace and restoration. One of the greatest failures of the Roman Empire in its end was hoarding food, finances, resources, etc. People became so fearful they began to hoard and its proven that most the regions that fell first had the resources to maintain the region but those resources were being held back by Christian (and some none Christian) hoarding leaders.

4) You can prepare in more effective ways then hoarding and seperating. Your local fire department or police stations have programs like C.E.R.T. Which is an emergency disaster preparedness to help your city in times of trial. They are desperate to get churches involved. You can have some of your members become chaplains to police forces, fire depts, sports teams, prisons, so you will have access to disaster relief locations if things do happen, you can find out your cities disaster relief plan for different types of disasters which is public domain….find out the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars your state has put into its disaster plans because America is not as stupid as the news media makes it sound. Find out what has worked in the disasters that your city is threatened with in the past and do basic education. Your average joe doesn’t need to focus on impending doom, but they need to be prepared for potential disasters. You can be part of private and public food banks to find out how to funnel foods to them so that there is an abundance.

5) One of the most important issues: Be part of a Kingdom and relief effort now. If you are becoming fearful about running out of something in the future, be part of your cities solution now and begin to find out the statistics of hunger in your city and become an answer. LA has about 15% malnutrition and we only feed maybe 17,000 meals a day to our poor and homeless population. Our food banks are low on quality food, and we need thousands of pounds of food and water now. If we could make this a well oiled process now we would be WAY ahead if a disaster hit because these food banks which work for the homeless in these days will work for the whole city in disaster days. In New Orleans, our friends Blood and Fire were feeding like 3500+ meals a day to relief workers and it was because they were already feeding people before that so it was easy to jump into helping. Bottom line is Christians can be ridiculous at hoarding resources when in a city like ours (LA) there isn’t enough food being stored for our current food crises right now. Be a part of healing your current food crises in your city and you will begin to understand how to handle a disaster (there is probably one already going on but its covered up by normalness). PS this is one of the areas that the Obama administration shines because they are amazing at disaster plans and social justice.

6) Modern History proves that disasters have not grown the church. The churches get full for a few weeks after, but its the goodness of God and the Kingdom of life that make people want to stay involved in their faith. I remember these Christians who were like “Katrina will force revival, New Orleans will know they have to turn to God now.” But you know what? Although God moves powerfully in peoples hearts when they are in disaster, it is not a healthy thing to say “This is the revival agent we have been waiting for!” The reality is all of Africa is in disaster all the time that is like in the days that most Christians think the end times will look like. Africa’s revival is not in response to its destruction, it is in response to seeing there is a GOOD GOD who restores all things and gives purpose beyond human survival. We have unrealistic expectations as western world Christians that think when it gets worse around us the church will grow and that God needs us to suffer in order to apprehend us. This hasn’t worked for Africa and its not the solution for America, humans do good when the original plan of God is at work: Peace, rest, love, life, goodness, fulfillment, these draw people into eternity more then destruction because they feel like eternity.

I like what Joe from my facebook friend status said: Jesus paid the price for the sins of the world and the Father is not imputing the world’s trespasses against them, why do some insist that the physical calamities our God’s judgments? Too many think God’s dealings with us are based on the Law, not on the grace of God in Christ. Or Bill Johnson: The insurance companies blame a lot of bad things on a good God.

7) You are part of the solution that the world is waiting for….Romans 8 says the whole earth is groaning that sons of God would be revealed because what happened when Jesus came? He brought the potential to restore all things. He started His whole ministry with Luke 4:18 which was to bring GOOD NEWS! Wow what a concept that we are supposed to bring good news even in the day of adversity like He was in… was a bad day when He came but He showed a GOOD God!

I love you guys and I love my city. I am here for my city when it is doing well or when it is suffering like right now……LA is at a terrible crises of hunger, 20% child homelessness, 10,000 slaves, 80,000 homeless adults, 2000 people being released from prison every night, 18% unemployment, and we have many other problems. An Earthquake is not going to bring revival, we are. We want to stand with our city in the day of adversity and love our city, not pull away and hoard resources because of weird prophetic perspectives that come from bad theology. Any word that makes you feel separate from the city you live in is not from the heart of God.

Lots of love

Shawn Bolz


i love this photo from 911 because it was such a picture of these champion men & woman risking all to save lives

Nonreligious Guide to Dating & Being Single

I love the graphic design all through it. Dustin Bocks, an amazing designer, layed it out. We added surveys, mad libs, dating quotes, pick up lines, it was really fun to put together. I love that what started as a blog series because I was sick of giving the same advice over and over turned into this book! The web series was award winning and had over 275,000 readers which gave me the courage to rewrite this and put it together this way. A special prop to Sally Hanan who is my editor and teacher for the flow edits and restructuring because my mind does not work very linearly.

Our print release is going to be the day before Valentines day and we will have a preorder special (of course) but I felt like since it was done it would be great to get it out and into your hands through your smart phones, Ereaders, computers, and whatever else you can use to read it. Please remember when someone writes a book and you are their friend or you follow their work it helps them so much if you leave comments, write reviews or rate with stars if you buy the book from amazon or barnes and noble or ibooks, and it also helps to spread the word. You guys are my force of marketing, if you love it, the book will sell because of you.

Here is our little video promo for the book : Cheesy but fun

After this many years of rewriting and puting this together its done! I am such a happy man today!
What are you working on? When is your due date?

Shawn Bolz Folk ArtExcerpt from an article I did for a friends magazine

Culture : cul·ture Pronunciation: \ˈkəl-chər\ Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving.

God is rising up artisans all over the world to redefine culture.

As a matter of fact, this is a defining generation just like in the time of the great Renaissance period. The renaissance pulled people out of a dark age. The arts, science, literature, and music all released advanced themes that pushed society into the quickest advancement the world had ever seen and its happening again, and you get to be part of it

Artisans can impart subjects and themes into society more quickly than any other means of assimilation. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, art with meaning is worth a thousand seminars. In other words change happens quickest when its themes are carried through a creative work. Religious Leaders and Politicians can not affect some of the greater changes in society that need to be made without a conditioning or imparting of the culture of this change.

Every Kingdom, government, and land has a culture. The Kingdom of Heaven also has a culture, and God is releasing artisans to be culture champions of the most amazing Kingdom there is. That means that God wants to give you access to Biblical AKA heavenly understanding so that you can bring clear representation of what He is thinking.

Colossians 3: 1 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds (affections) on things above, not on earthly things.

Artisans are the trainers of affection; the ones who help set humanities focus and develop society’s direction that their emotions and hearts will embrace. They are the ones who bring about intentional thinking that is forward moving.


When Jesus proclaimed the great commandment “Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” It was never supposed to be separated into two, right down the middle.

In 1 John 4:12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. *(the world sees the face of God when we love one another).

In other words, when people see love they see God. As an artisan of the entertainment world, you are called to reveal self-love, romantic love, family love, city love, national love, nature love, and educational love, all of the loves that reveal what God looks like!

Religious institutions seem so preoccupied with defining the first part of worshipping God that they have advocated the second part of the great commandment to the world to do….we are called to define relational love and it is what reveals God in a way that we cannot help but worship.

Instead of the radio being filled with songs that pervert the concept of the culture of love, movies that distort the view of true love, and fashion that pulls away from the purity of what love is, what will happen when you rise up as a co-creator with God to influence and birth a new kind of culture, an original culture of what it was like in the garden.

When believers begin to see their role of authority to define love and tell stories that birth culture and identity, we will see a move of transformation like there has never been. Why did Jesus proclaim we will do greater things then we saw Him do? Because we have the tools now to see a revival through the greatest demonstration of beauty in all of these industries that hadn’t even been formed yet except in the imagination of God.

Are you ready to shift culture?

Signing off,


I wanted to include a clip of a culture changer I love and his interview: Paul Young

This was a picture of a man in Hollywood I just thought it was funny

More Faith for the Faith Journey

So today I woke up totally excited about life and Matt went out to the car to go to the store and came back in and said “Dude, you got a flat tire.” We had AAA come out and then when we tried to start the car the battery was dead. Not dead because of leaving a light on, but dead. Then the AAA guy said “You know you really need new tires.” Which we wouldn’t know because we are not car people…it looks treaded to me.

I began to think about how that miracle car, my Highlander, is like my whole journey. It was given in a season of awe and wonder and took me all over North America, even miraculously a few times (insert teleportation story here :Grin:), but now its old. I feel like my whole last season of life is over and worn, and that something new is coming. 2010 just feels like a new season, it is a new decade, and I am just happy about the new. Realize as I write the rest of this I am not discouraged but aware of a price I have been paying. What is better though is I am aware of what is coming because of being willing.

The faith journey following God in pioneering demands just about everything for a season. The hard part about mine is that I have been in start up mode for almost 11 years. I helped in the start up of the house of prayer in Kansas City, then I transitioned and started up my own ministry then we helped another ministry start up in Alabama, then we started a church in LA.  This has made my life anything but normal. Sometimes people ask me what it is like to hear from God on the level I sometimes have, and I want to tell them these stories instead of the glory stories because there is a price behind obeying His voice.

I have not been able to accumulate time, vacation, finances, everything has been required especially the last 3 years (I do rest though and have a lot of fun as those of you who follow my blogs see). When we moved to LA I emptied my bank account gave away half of my furniture, sacrificed my yearly vacation and breaks, began to live off of far less income in a city that has required far more, and just moved. It was worth it, but it was my 4th time doing that sort of drastic move. During my first 2 years in LA I had kidney stones 7 times, I had a hernia, I was sick about 5 days a month, I traveled 15 days a month on top of doing 1-2 services a week when I was home, I was robbed a computer, gps, security deposits on 2 houses which equaled well over 12,000 dollars, and had to put any extra money into a young ministry team that came out here to help as they were experiencing several of the same things.

The weird thing about this is that I never had an emotional break down or even a major trial, life and love just went on. I felt like muscles were built in me that had never been exercised on this level because I was so full of faith and when we would hit another wall something inside of me (called the Spirit of faith) would just push past my frustration almost like lifting a heavier weight, and I would press into God and He would come.

Endurance in faith is one of the hardest things to develop. It really is an emotion and soul area that you have to be worked out in to develop, it doesn’t come naturally. Change is one of the main builders of it and most people hate change. As a matter of fact I have moved 16 times in 14 years. That kind of change will cost you and you will either implode or if you are following God, thrive. So many times when something did come that I thought was an answer to prayer, God would require even that breakthrough and it wasn’t a weird testing of my heart or convictions, it was His invitation to develop that muscle. The same muscle of faith you use to pray for a cancer and see it healed is developed by the time you hear God to move or to change jobs or to give something sacrificial away or just surrender to Him.

Shortly into our time in LA, I went to Korea and had the largest offering ever given to me released. On top of that my friend heard from the Lord to buy me a new Highlander as mine is showing its wear and tear and he didn’t feel like the senior pastor should drive a car that looks like a college kids car. The last night in Korea I was in prayer and just happy about everything and Jesus said “Shawn, you know for the church to have radical fruit there is going to have to be radical sowing.” I said “Yeah Lord!” and I was thinking of the sacrifice that we had all been making thinking “This is amazing! We are succeeding!”and thinking He was trying to tell me that people were about to have breakthroughs and release money to the church.

Then I heard His voice again. “You know for Expressoin58 to enter into the purposes I have called it to, you are going to have to sacrifice greatly for it.”

Then I finally understood in my heart what He was asking. He always speaks a little in riddles doesn’t He? I knew He was asking me to sow in the money I had just received into the church. Now realize that I didn’t take an income from Expression58 so I have had nothing financially to gain or a way that I will re accumulate it from the church. As a matter of fact this money and this car were going to help put me back on track financially from all the extreme start ups over the years. So when I felt all the money, even the money for the car had to be sown, 10’s of thousands of dollars, I was both excited and hesitant. My faith that had been excersized in dozens of other big ways now had its first major climax in sowing on this level. I wanted that car. I wanted that money. That is not wrong of me at all. But I wanted God to have what He wants more.

So, I put it in..against my human judgement I released it. Part of me thought “The new car is coming!!!! God will honor me with even more!!!” but you know what? It wasn’t about that, a new car didn’t come and its been several years. I have had many words recently that one will come but it just wasn’t what it was about. I went almost 2 more years until today with that old Highlander that looks like its been around the world and back (and has been up to heaven and back) and didn’t have any other financial personal gift on that level since because when you are building your faith muscles the laws of giving and receiving aren’t about giving money receiving money. Its sowing in your resource of time, energy, finances, resources, and then receiving a quality of life back that is just incommunicable. I have had more peace and more security then I know is possible all because I live by a different economy that has a God who really really cares about me more then I do.

So what is the fruit of sacrifice? Changed lives, miracles, cancers and aids being healed, metal melting out of olympic athletes bodies who had had it placed in by surgery, a church in Hollywood, meeting with Presidents of nations, prophesying over celebrities, starting orphanages, pioneering campaigns in social justice, rescuing sex slave workers, and most of all, a level of faith for intimacy with God that is not just satisfying but is just plain awesome.

So, here I am living in LA as a missionary without a normal support mechanism coming in, being fed by faith, but you know what? Its worth it and a muscle in me has grown….if you could only see my 20″ arms in the Spirit! They get challenged sometimes by what isn’t yet, but I am doing just fine with my God. When I see that I don’t have a fixed income and that every month is a faith journey, this is both hard and exciting. I thought it would be different by now and that I would have a stable income and that things like cars would be easy to just buy, but my life doesn’t look that way yet, and He is still requiring a journey of faith but thank Him, its not exhausting because He is so present.

What about you? Of course your journey is different than mine, no two are the same, but are you paying a price so that you can see a greater measure?

Reminiscing about 2009

Posted: December 30, 2009 in blogging

Indiana Jones

I looked at my list yesterday of what I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and was amazed that out of all the realistic notes I made about a 75% rate! For a dreamer that is unusually high (you should have seen the unrealistic part of it…always looking for wild and adventure)! It made me look at the year differently because it was such a hard year but in light of the good that happened I smiled.

I had one major dark spot in the year. I was only disappointed that I didn’t get to publish in 2009, I have 4 manuscripts that need editing and I just didn’t have the time for the process. The good news is I can self publish some of them and that I have publishers for others so it will all work for 2010-2011 releases.I love that my disappointment was not over regrets of bad activity or relationship fallout. I heard so much controversy and conflict around the nations that it was almost unsteadying. I am glad it didn’t touch my home front directly.

One thing I will do in 2010 more of is rest! I didn’t have a proper vacation period so I just worked through the year. That is not good in the line of work I am in….causes problems if you can’t get away and reset so I have committed to rest.

I learned a lot about myself and what I can’t do this year which eventually showed me what I can do, and what my strengths were. I don’t like the opposite approach of how I learned but it was worth it in the end picture (if its over).

Shawn Bolz

I am making a list again today about what I want to see happen in 2010. I won’t share that list, its between me and God, but rest assured most of what is projects that you will find out about if you watch my life.

So this life that is an adventure was amazing to live out in 2009. I am glad I am a happy person. I have just enough influence to enjoy people, but not enough to be super famous and have to deal with a level of public that I wouldn’t want to. I have great friends and family who have stood with me for years and years, and I have a lot of enjoyment in my talents. Mostly God is just so clearly amazing and my life quality is all because of His grace of revealing Himself to me. When people say He is good it is not a cliche when you know Him closely.

Looking at my list of what I wanted to accomplish this year really blew me away, but it also left a big space for what I want in my next year, in my 30’s, and in my life….but for now I lift up with you a toast for who God is, who he is making us, and what life held in 2009.

I’m Painting Again

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Shawn Bolz Self Portrait

Self Portrait

For Christmas I was going to do a few art projects and it turned into the relaunching of my painting desires. I am doing a series called “DEEP” and it started with a rather large painting of just light coming out of blue which was coming out of black like being in the depth under water. Then I put some butterfly silhouettes on the top right hand corner and though “I love this!” The whole canvas is textured so there is levels of depth that are really amazing.

Fly by Shawn Bolz


My favorite was one of the smaller ones that just had a bird flying in the horizon.


The Deep

You can see that there is a water type gloss finish on each painting. One of the more interesting paintings I did in the series was a large square that has glaze dripping like water in 2 separate coats. I wish this would show up in the picture, but the camera is not a capturer of beauty this time.

Deep Flying

This one is one of the smaller and again has no defining word, was just a picture that is full of life and texture.

unnamed deep by Shawn Bolz

This one is another butterfly with thicker texture on parts. It was the only one titled “LOVE” so far.

Butterfly by Shawn Bolz

There are more coming and in some sense this was a template for a series I want to do on very large canvases, but this was the “DEEP” series for Christmas so far. I have already started the large canvas first. This initial series is not for sale, but the follow up series I might offer up.


Shawn Bolz as Mickey Mouse

Shawn Bolz as Mickey Mouse

Merry Christmas!

I think the most profound thing in life that I discovered in 2009 was that in the midst of living in LA there was a lot of hard, but good things grow in the midst of the hardest of things and the good is beautiful.



Expression58 entered into its second year of life, and being two years old its growth could be seen and felt in all our hearts. We had so many people who became something that they only dreamed of before and 2009 was a time to learn how to run in life with a new pace and we caught our breath again as we ran like never before.

Sean Fuecht visiting E58

Sean Fuecht visiting E58

E58 worship with Brady Toops

Sunday morning venue (looks like youth group haha)

Expression58 Sunday Morning

Expression58 Sunday Morning

The quality of speakers was only equaled by the quality of their love and character that came from their hearts. It was an amazing journey of finding a depth in God that normally doesn’t happen with such a new organization. It caused us to believe for bigger dreams with wider vision.

Our friends and family in Expression58 began to experience break throughs that can only come with Kingdom. In March a friend of ours named Liz Jones, came to visit and she had an encounter with God that break through was going to happen for us as a people.

Breakthrough Reports: The next day my house that had been up for sale for over 2 years sold, then our church filing with the IRS for our status came through the same day. Within a week one of our members got invited to do an international summit on poverty as the key note speaker to dozens of African presidents. Within a month one of our friends was producing with Randy Jackson and joined the Lion King cast in Las Vegas. Within that time period Charles Jones started to travel with Raphael Saadiq and sell out shows. Then all of our people who needed to find housing and jobs found them within a few weeks. Commercials came in a dryspell for our actors, within a few short months our members had met with 5 Presidents or Vice Presidents of nations to give them vision for social justice. We started our Rescue center with Global Childrens Movement, in Kenya. It has been an AMAZING YEAR!


What a year of traveling! I can’t believe the adventure of life. With all ministry there are highs and lows, but there were so many highs this year. It was a year of believing for miracles because God has the nations in a divine set up that is unlike any the world has ever seen. If the world was a chess board, God has us in check and he is about to call forth his mate!

visited Hawaii

My view from Kona Ywam Base

Didn't just preach, but swam with turtles

Visited the UK

Visited the UK & Saw God move

Visited Parliament

I found myself thirsty to explore the world. God kept opening new doors that were one more creative than the other. England itself was a trip for the archives as God moved powerfully to awaken more and more people to His intimate love.

Shawn Bolz Kissing a Cheetah

Shawn Bolz Kissing a Cheetah

in Africa I spoke at the Call, we baptized IRIS ministry students and pastors in the Ocean, and we visited our rescue center in Kenya. It was AMAZING! I have never seen miracles on this level. My favorite part in Kenya was at the Call when our Global Childrens team of used to be orphans, now adopted into our family, lead a healing time (they were mostly under 12) and saw hundreds of people healed in the crowd. It was beautiful! One of the smaller girls prayed for a muslim guard at the door of the convention center because his eye was sealed shut and his eye opened!!! It was amazing! I loved traveling with Chad & Julia Dedmon, Tyler Ward, and Lorri Si as a team! (We have to do that again guys).

Heidi Baker praying for us

Heidi Baker praying for Chad and I

One of my main highlights was when Heidi Bake prayed for us in Pemba. It was so intense and all these little used to be orphans came and laid hands on me and prayed. I was with Heidi when she had an encounter with God in a meeting that I was leading in Canada to go get the lost Makua people of Mozembique in 2003.  She didn’t know who they were and we prayed together as she cried out for them with so much passion it triggered the love in me as well. They were one of the unreached people groups of the world but through IRIS there is a revival going on among them and IRIS is building churches every day in their territories. When I visited, Heidi had them pray for me and told me “This is a fulfillment of your prayers with me, these ones who are praying for you now didn’t know Jesus when I had my encounter years ago in the meeting with you. They are your inheritance too.” I will be forever undone by those little precious kids laying hands on me who wouldn’t have known Jesus if it wasn’t for the encounter Heidi had. They told me prophetically the secrets of my heart.


Never ending passion

Jill Austin, passionate for Jesus

I was privileged to MC at her California memorial. I will miss her greatly. There was no one like her and its been a long road this year without her present on the Earth.

Jill Austin's Memorial

Jill Austin's Memorial


Lou Engle and the Call team came to Hollywood to pray and they called to see if they could come pray by my house which is by the Hollywood sign. I offered them lunch but had no idea it was like 50 people coming. We had a powerful release of prayer and love for Hollywood and Lou prophesied and prayed for us as well.

Lou Engle prays over Hollywood

Lou Engle prays over Hollywood

The Call Team

Call team in Hollywood




Walt Disney Star

Jennifer and dad play ping pong

Ping Pong Match in Malibu...epic

California parents

Larry & Stacia come to LA

Jennifer Bolz

Jennifer as Lucille Ball

shawn as elvis

Elvis is in the building

We were mostly smiles in 2009. I pray that your new year is the happiest ever. May God bless you and your family!!!
IN the love of JESUS!

Shawn Bolz

dancers at E58

Dance team at E58

Niles Rivers Leading Worship at E58 Event
Niles Rivers Leading Worship at E58 Event
Janice painting at Expression58
Painter at Expression58

We are busting at the seems in our activities and finally need to rent a building in Hollywood/Los Angeles area for our church. Right now real estate is at an all time low, and we are finding buildings for as low as a dollar a square foot which is unheard of here in LA. Its a great time to get into a lease, and we want to see if you would help. Your gift of $10, $20, $100, $1,000 plants a church in Los Angeles with us. Our fruit is your fruit. Can we count on you to help us?

You can give on our website, , by credit card/debit card/paypal or you can send a check in old fashioned way.

Shawn Bolz

Blog Day 6&7 “Secrets Are Us”

Posted: October 10, 2009 in blogging

So, I missed day 6 because of how crazy my travel schedule was. Today I was in a conference in New Haven Ct. That is not what this blog is about, but it was a really fun conference with Mike Smith, Georgian and Winnie Bannoff, and Ignite Team.

Now onto my subject: Secrets We all have them, good ones, sometimes bad ones. I heard a major leadership trainer say a principle that I believe for the most part “Everyone will tell one person your secret. No one was is geared to keep it to themselves.” I do believe that almost everyone verbally processes secrets that are told, but some people have learned how to be incredible secret keepers, and that is where relationship of intimacy is formed….you become really good at keeping your mouth shut.

I am famous for telling peoples good news, I have had to battle the urge to hint of friends engagements, new babies coming, financial blessings, etc. because I love to celebrate. Other people are gossips and want to tell bad news because there is such enjoyment in knowing something that the whole world doesn’t know yet. Reality in God: He trusts those with revelation and His heart who He can confide in. To confide means to keep it until He releases it. I have learned the hard way many times (to many times which meant it wasn’t the easy character work) that secrets are better untold. Its a principle that people who carry a lot of authority have to live by, the faster you tell a secret the quicker you lose your authority.

So why do I bring it up? Because so many people are wondering why they are not growing in authority with God or others, and this is one HUGE key! On a happy note I will tell you one secret: Jennifer Toledo is going to name her baby Shawn! They love me so much that she can’t help it! Oh yeah and my next blog might be on people who lie.

Love hugs and giggles

Shawn Bolz