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So yesterday I was bombarded by good meaning people (including my mother) who are responding to Jim Berkland who is an Earthquake expert who is predicting another quake here on the west coast (most likely LA) in the next week or so.

I love our family and our crew of friends. Its important that you hear my perspective on these types of issues if you are involved with us because it will help you know how my heart relates to disaster and crises.

I think this is timely information and it is good for us to be aware so we can be prepared but I have a few observations:

1) Humanity was never supposed to experience these disasters so its impossible to be completely prepared for them. Meaning: The Earth was never meant to groan and be dysfunctional but because of the fall it has been a mess. There are whole camps of Christians who overly prepare and have an inordinate focus on this preparation. No one predicted on time the New Orleans Hurricane or the Japan Earthquake….they happened. Preparedness is very important but it can’t be at the expense of peace.

2) The sources (whether prophetic or natural) of prediction are mostly wrong. Jim Berkland (who is the lastest source for the Earthquake in America) has tried to predict Earthquakes for decades and was right within 4 days of the San Francisco quake but that’s because his group has reported the possibility of over 200 Earthquakes…eventually you will get it right even if the public doesn’t look at the hundreds that did not happen. I applaud his efforts because seismology is such an unpredictable field, but the way the media has ran with this is ridiculous.

3) Christians are amazing in the days of adversity because we can move in the compassion of God and care for people that we would normally want to run from or cities we would rather escape from. The modern examples are profound: Haiti, New Orleans, and now Japan, etc have their best relief efforts from Christians. We have been involved in disaster relief, red zone missions, war zone missions, etc and you see Jesus on another whole level when you participate with Heavens solution to these terrible disasters and wars. Just like Doctors in Emergency rooms kick into another gear, Christians have the Spirit of God inside of them and if they are participating with Him they will find themselves capable of amazing heart attitudes and abilities during trauma. Christians who teach that we are to hide away or horde in those days of adversity and trial have a limited theology on the nature of Jesus who came to bring His government of peace and restoration. One of the greatest failures of the Roman Empire in its end was hoarding food, finances, resources, etc. People became so fearful they began to hoard and its proven that most the regions that fell first had the resources to maintain the region but those resources were being held back by Christian (and some none Christian) hoarding leaders.

4) You can prepare in more effective ways then hoarding and seperating. Your local fire department or police stations have programs like C.E.R.T. Which is an emergency disaster preparedness to help your city in times of trial. They are desperate to get churches involved. You can have some of your members become chaplains to police forces, fire depts, sports teams, prisons, so you will have access to disaster relief locations if things do happen, you can find out your cities disaster relief plan for different types of disasters which is public domain….find out the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars your state has put into its disaster plans because America is not as stupid as the news media makes it sound. Find out what has worked in the disasters that your city is threatened with in the past and do basic education. Your average joe doesn’t need to focus on impending doom, but they need to be prepared for potential disasters. You can be part of private and public food banks to find out how to funnel foods to them so that there is an abundance.

5) One of the most important issues: Be part of a Kingdom and relief effort now. If you are becoming fearful about running out of something in the future, be part of your cities solution now and begin to find out the statistics of hunger in your city and become an answer. LA has about 15% malnutrition and we only feed maybe 17,000 meals a day to our poor and homeless population. Our food banks are low on quality food, and we need thousands of pounds of food and water now. If we could make this a well oiled process now we would be WAY ahead if a disaster hit because these food banks which work for the homeless in these days will work for the whole city in disaster days. In New Orleans, our friends Blood and Fire were feeding like 3500+ meals a day to relief workers and it was because they were already feeding people before that so it was easy to jump into helping. Bottom line is Christians can be ridiculous at hoarding resources when in a city like ours (LA) there isn’t enough food being stored for our current food crises right now. Be a part of healing your current food crises in your city and you will begin to understand how to handle a disaster (there is probably one already going on but its covered up by normalness). PS this is one of the areas that the Obama administration shines because they are amazing at disaster plans and social justice.

6) Modern History proves that disasters have not grown the church. The churches get full for a few weeks after, but its the goodness of God and the Kingdom of life that make people want to stay involved in their faith. I remember these Christians who were like “Katrina will force revival, New Orleans will know they have to turn to God now.” But you know what? Although God moves powerfully in peoples hearts when they are in disaster, it is not a healthy thing to say “This is the revival agent we have been waiting for!” The reality is all of Africa is in disaster all the time that is like in the days that most Christians think the end times will look like. Africa’s revival is not in response to its destruction, it is in response to seeing there is a GOOD GOD who restores all things and gives purpose beyond human survival. We have unrealistic expectations as western world Christians that think when it gets worse around us the church will grow and that God needs us to suffer in order to apprehend us. This hasn’t worked for Africa and its not the solution for America, humans do good when the original plan of God is at work: Peace, rest, love, life, goodness, fulfillment, these draw people into eternity more then destruction because they feel like eternity.

I like what Joe from my facebook friend status said: Jesus paid the price for the sins of the world and the Father is not imputing the world’s trespasses against them, why do some insist that the physical calamities our God’s judgments? Too many think God’s dealings with us are based on the Law, not on the grace of God in Christ. Or Bill Johnson: The insurance companies blame a lot of bad things on a good God.

7) You are part of the solution that the world is waiting for….Romans 8 says the whole earth is groaning that sons of God would be revealed because what happened when Jesus came? He brought the potential to restore all things. He started His whole ministry with Luke 4:18 which was to bring GOOD NEWS! Wow what a concept that we are supposed to bring good news even in the day of adversity like He was in… was a bad day when He came but He showed a GOOD God!

I love you guys and I love my city. I am here for my city when it is doing well or when it is suffering like right now……LA is at a terrible crises of hunger, 20% child homelessness, 10,000 slaves, 80,000 homeless adults, 2000 people being released from prison every night, 18% unemployment, and we have many other problems. An Earthquake is not going to bring revival, we are. We want to stand with our city in the day of adversity and love our city, not pull away and hoard resources because of weird prophetic perspectives that come from bad theology. Any word that makes you feel separate from the city you live in is not from the heart of God.

Lots of love

Shawn Bolz


i love this photo from 911 because it was such a picture of these champion men & woman risking all to save lives



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Letter from Pastor Shawn Bolz

“Under Construction.” That is the sign that would be over us right now if we had anything that marks the identity of this season. We are literally in a gestation period quite similar to that of a catepillar.


I recently got home from a long travel spree where I was privileged to go to Indonesia and meet with an entertainment church and a business leaders conference. I also went to Bethel to their Open Heavens Conference, then to Morning Star Ministries to speak at their Kingdom Business Association. Finally I ended up at home where we have been in total restructuring. God does not seem to mind our construction process. He has been busy moving through our team as though we are fully ready to go. I love that about Him; in our weakness He is always strong and good. 


As our team explained to me what is happening in their departments, including healings and hearts touched, people activated, and new strategies, I noticed a common theme. Almost all of our Expression58 leadership team is looking at Expression58 not only as a family, but also as a missions base of servant-leadership to train our region in different themes of love, creativity, and justice. Most of them have been training in their various areas all over the city at other churches, some of which have never been open to our DNA of Christianity before. As a matter of fact, when looking back at all the pastors and churches who have been coming consistently to our services over the last year, we noticed that we have had priests, vicars, Presbyterian pastors, YWAMers, and leaders of all types. I have been in touch with our small impact over entertainers and artists, business people and such, but I was shocked to find that our team has been scheduled to speak at events, seminars, and classes universally. This led me to understand more of our process and a word I received which is now being fulfilled.


Over a year ago, I received a word from an African prophet that I was going to receive 5 gold coins to represent the talents in the Parable Of The Talents in Matthew. He said after I received those, I would receive 5 more one at a time and when I received the 10th, that we would be in a season of “Well done” where we would feel the Father’s pleasure over what we are building. In due time, we would receive an 11th talent, representing that God was putting us into a transition to receive the fullness of what we were promised. 


A few weeks later, I received 2 gold coins while in England. When I got home I received 3 gold coins in Texas. During that time, which was over a year ago, we went into a structure and operations building time so that we could create a reproducible activation model to equip and release as many people as God would send to us. This time felt like God was building the behind-the-scenes of our ministry. We have worked extremely hard with a staff of mostly volunteers and in one year we have come leaps and bounds in organization, though we still have a long way to go! 


One by one during the year, I received gold coins. Shockingly, the 10th one came a few weeks ago from a widow in our E58 family. She called it her “widows mite” and it was very significant to her, and of course it was a huge sacrifice and of significance to us. I was so touched that our “well done” prophetic fulfillment came from this dear widow who LOVES us so much (and who we love). It was so significant and such a picture. I told the team about this word I had received, as most did not know it because so much was unfulfilled I had not yet brought it to them. 


Just one week later, more of the miraculous happened. I was at a conference, in the least likely place, and the leaders of the conference gave me the final gold coin as part of my honorarium! They wanted to give it to me on 11-11 (the day the conference started), but they couldn’t because I didn’t arrive until the last day (11-14). We had the 11th in such a short period that my head was spinning. How could we be in a transition of fullness? I know its true though. I and a lot of my team are doing what we are created to do. Yes, there is a lot that is not happening and a lot that is undone, but if we focus on what God is doing, it is AMAZING. 

The coin had Ronald Reagan on it. I was prophesied over that this represented that the “Reagans” that are residing in Southern California are going to get promoted into their positions in the entertainment industry. They would have an impact on our state and eventually on the nation like Reagan did, who in my mind was one of the Presidents who helped restore our country to its original values and calling. This got me reflecting on our current season of ministry.



 This season has been a season of identifying priorities, walking out the prophetic word, and staying as hidden as possible in one of the most broadcasted cities in the nation. We want to build a lasting movement of God, so we have not been doing most of the interviews that have been requested of us. We are careful about where we broadcast our services at this point, and we have just been trying to blossom in the wilderness of LA. This email list you are on is only a few thousand people strong because although everyone is welcome and there is no exclusivity, we have been in a season of identifying who we are and how to build. So we haven’t had a “were open for business” sort of push. 


For those of you who are new to us, remember that we are also new. We are still in a season where our operational and pastoral structure is new. Each of the leaders in this ministry is doing their role for the first time, which means our experience level is not extremely strong. I have been a leader and have done leadership consultation for years, but I have never built this kind of structure on this level with this kind of wonderful vision. We are trying out all kinds of new things, from a love-driven value system. So many ministries fail in Los Angeles because of being too model-centric instead of love focused. Pray for grace and remember we are starting a community almost from scratch.  You won’t be able to inherit years of relationships here to our city, but you will be able to help us create them for future generations. You are also not inheriting a well-oiled machine in terms of structure, but a brand new, out of the box group who still are still working out the kinks of this innovative ministry. I like to see us as an experiment of love. Love never fails so it’s a good experiment to try. 


This month starts the first of many newsletters to really get you in touch with what is going on in our world, in the entertainment industry from a Christian perspective, and in the realm of kingdom justice in the red zones of the world as we are related to it. Stay tuned in for future months to hear incredible stories and see for yourself through videos and first hand reports of what God is doing.






What Has Happened


E58 the Church:


Expression58 recently held a Harvest party in place of it’s

normal Sunday service. On October 31st, members of the Expression58 Community met to celebrate the fall season with great food, games, and fun! Many Participated in Pie-eating contests, sack races, raffle drawings, are more! It was a great time to simply be with family and spread the joys of the Harvest season. We are excited to make this Harvest Party and annual tradition. Don’t miss

out on the fun next year!            





E58 the Movement:


The Prophetic Department led by Dale Shannon held a Dream Interpretation Seminar open to our community. They discussed how to interpret your dreams and the dreams of others through the biblical methods of interpretation used by Joseph and Daniel. They ended the seminar with an activation, releasing people to minister to others through dream interpretation. The seminar went great and many felt empowered to help others understand their dreams as well as find meaning in their own. 


The Prophetic Department also began a Life Coaching class. The class has been in session for a couple weeks, covering topics such as how to get life empowerment skills to fulfill your God given dreams and destiny, and how to create and live the outcomes desired in your life. There are still a few more weeks remaining in the series, but so far the class seems to be going great. Dale Shannon, who is a college professor and professional life coach, is also teaching this series.


Recently, Shawn Bolz led a Kingdom Business Meeting for business and finance professionals. Many business people gathered to meet for the purpose of hearing the voice of God and to support one another in the business world in Southern California and beyond. Shawn Bolz, author of “Keys to Heaven’s Economy,” led the meeting, and after words members of the Expression58 Prophetic Team came to minister and love on the meeting’s attendees. 








What Is Happening
E58 Church:                          


We are currently in the process of looking for a new building. We would like a facility that is conducive to our dreams and visions for our children’s ministry, as well as a lace for our offices


that can become our Expression58 hub. We would like a place that not only holds our current community, but also has room for growth. As we pray and intercede for God to open the doors for a new building, we are asking our Expression58 family to join with us and believe God for a great place to call home.

Our Prophetic Department is offering free prophetic appointments! The E58 prophetic team is
ready to minister God’s heart for you in prophetic ministry. Appointments are currently
available every Tuesday at 6:15pm and 6:35pm and bimonthly on Sundays starting
Nov. 7
th at 9:25am and 9:45am. 
to schedule your appointment.  We
encourage all that receive ministry to bring a recording device.  If you do not have one, we will try to
record your time of ministry and email it to you.  







Here are some of the current home groups we have going
on.  For more info you can go to
our website or contact the individuals listed.

Jim and Gail
(Granada Hills).
for details.

Steve and Sarah Boshear:

and Mark: (Mircle Mile)

Jill Risk
and Amanda Urreg




E58 The Movement:


Our Prophetic Department is offering free prophetic 
appointments!  The E58 prophetic team is ready to minister God’s heart for you in prophetic ministry. Appointments are currently available every Tuesday at 6:15pm and 6:35pm and bimonthly on Sundays starting Nov. 7th at 9:25am and 9:45am.  Email to schedule your appointment.  We encourage all that receive ministry to bring a recording device.  If you do not have one, we will try to record your time of ministry and email it to you.  

Come to the Soaking Encounters and Prophetic Activation seminar. Want to learn how to step into encounters with Jesus on a regular basis and/or go places in the Spirit that you have never gone before? Join us as we walk through different experiences together to explore what it means to be people who encounter God and carry His Kingdom. Our time together will be full of rest, connection, and encounter. Registration $15; offering will be taken as well. The class with be taught by Aileen Foos- E58 Children’s Pastor. 





Our Regional Tuesday services have moved to a different location. Services will temporarily be held at 15055 Oxnard St. Van Nuys, CA 91411. Sundays will continue to be held at the El Rey Theatre.






How to Get Involved  




Home Groups: Join a home group and meet with other members of Expression58 in a small, intimate setting. Make great relationships through deep discussions, fun activities, and hang out time! Check out our website for current home groups. 



Volunteer Department: If you are looking for a way to get to know people and serve Expression58 at the services, then become a service volunteer and help facilitate the services administratively. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email JoAnna at



Children’s Department: If you love kids and would like to work with them during the services contact Aileen at



Ministry Teams: If you have a passion for people and love to pray and seek God on behalf of others, then consider taking the Prophetic Activation Class and join a ministry team. To learn how to join a ministry/ healing team contact



Classes: Here are Expression58, we offer many classes on various topics. If you enjoy learning and desire to grow in your knowledge or ministry skills, check out our current classes on our website. Click on e58 Regional classes under the school tab.






Become a Supporter:  



Would you consider Expression58 for your tax deductible year end giving? We have many projects that rely on supporters like you to make them happen. Consider a one-time gift or become a partner to E58! Your donation will help us change culture from the culture capital of the world! In this season because so many of the team are volunteers and space rental is very high for meetings, we need to raise about ten thousand dollars more a month immediately if we want to get past maintenance and into vision growth.

Website: We wanted to pitch to some of our financial partners that we have an AMAZING team in line to develop a new website for us but we need some pledges towards it. It will cost roughly $20,000 and we can do this in stages. If you would like to contribute directly towards this you can state that on your donation or if you would like to donate a large amount to help pay towards it or even for it please contact Jesse Grim, who is the associate director of E58. 

Other Projects include a permanent building with space to feature the Arts, house our offices and services, and serve as a hub for our mission here in L.A. We are also looking to establish a media team with the right equipment to help build our regional and web presence, among many other exciting opportunities.

Prayer Directives:

Please join us in our prayer directives. Below are some specific areas in which we need your prayers!

* NEW SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTION: We are truly in a new season and just need prayer for grace as we morph into an apostolic community of love who sends people into some of the most intense places in culture.

* CLARITY OF PRIORITIES: There is so much need here and we want to respond out of vision for what God wants, not out of desperation for the lack of what is not happening. Please pray that we really hear God right now. 

* BUILDING: Still praying for the perfect location. We need to work with the city to help us plant a church in our area because its very uncommon for new church plants to be part of the city and start here.

* FINANCES: We live in one of the most expensive lands in the world and we moved here during its recession. Unemployment has finally bottomed out in LA praise God! But now we need a turn around in our economy so God has to show us creative ideas that is not just tithing and support for raising our income. Please pray that He shows us new and inventive ways to create finance.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Enjoy this Holiday Season!

-The Expression58 Team




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